Happy New Year! It might be the New Year but rest assured; my home decor blogs are not going anywhere. I have recently been inspired to mix some of my favorite home aesthetics, western and boho. I have dove into these decor styles before, but how fun to combine them? These pieces will bring out your chic cowgirl side, so let’s get started.

Western Boho Home Decor

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Western Boho Essentials

We are going to have fun putting together this aesthetic but let’s start with some of the basics. This Odessa Wool Rug is the dream for this design; I’m obsessed with the color patterns. Woven features are always a must when designing a space like this, such as this Coffee Table. Adding some rustic lighting will help tie in your western features, and this Pendent Lamp is the perfect touch. The last item is not essential, but this Whitewashed Pannel is gorgeous. There are several ways to make this piece stand out in your space.

Easy Decor Swaps

If you want this decor aesthetic but can’t start from scratch, these are simple pieces that can be added to bring in the western boho aesthetic. Throw pillows are the easiest way to spruce up your living area. These Vibrant Tribal Pillow Covers are so cute; they fit the aesthetic and others. This Vintage Wall Mirror is another perfect example. An excellent dupe for the Anthropologie mirror and looks fantastic in any room. I also love these Seagrass Baskets; the woven pattern with rustic colors is the perfect addition.

Western Meets Boho Chic

I always save my favorite details for last because these pieces are the cherry on top of this look. I cannot get over this Farmhouse Hat Hanger. Imagine adding some cowgirl hats, and you can go crazy on the colors but the perfect wall centerpiece. This Wooden Cactus is a stunning piece that is perfect for an entryway table. Last but not least is this simple Cowboys Boots Print. The ideal twist between western and boho chic.

I am living for this design aesthetic because it can take a classic western theme but make it fun with some colorful boho touches. If you love this decor idea, check out my Cowboys On The Coast and Boho On A Budget posts for more inspiration. Tell me in the comments which of these items was your favorite. You can shop everything here:


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