Are you a mom who wants to work from home? It can be hard to find legitimate work, especially if you feel like you have no experience. I’ve been there before, but that all changed in 2018 when I went from a stay at home mom of 3 with an active duty military husband who was always gone for work to a work from home mom! If you’ve ever wanted to work from home, keep reading.

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How to be a Work from Home Mom

How can I work from home with no experience? It’s impossible to be a work from home mom!

Take a deep breath mama. You’ve got this. Think about everything you already do. Manage the bills, clean the house, take care of the kids, make meals, organize everyone’s life & more. You know what translates to? Being a personal assistant. Bam! You’ve got job experience and can easily become someone’s virtual personal assistant.

When you’re someone’s virtual personal assistant, you help manage their schedule. You can order gifts and groceries, schedule appointments and reservations, manage their email, and more. You would be surprised how busy business owners, doctors, and more can be!

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What if I love social media? Can I work on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok?

Yes! My day job is as a social media manager. My day to day is filled with helping client’s manage their social media pages, from Pinterest and emails to Facebook and Instagram.

You may only have experience as a casual user and not from a business perspective. That’s ok! You can learn all about social media from the business side all from home. I took countless courses, listened to an insane amount of podcasts and regularly do trainings via 1:1 consultations and more. Since social media is constantly changing, it’s something that you will continually have to stay up to date on.

If you want to get specific, you can easily pick one platform and become an expert.

How to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant while being a Work from Home Mom

If you’re interested in Pinterest management, check out Jena Liat’s course here.

I took her course when I started working on Pinterest in 2018 and it completely changed how I worked. I went from being a very casual Pinterest user to offering Pinterest management as a service in a month.

You can find out about how Jena went from working as a teacher to becoming a full time Pinterest Manager who runs a wonderful community of new and experienced Pinterest Virtual Assistants here. Not only does she work from home as a Pinterest expert, she’s also a busy mom!
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How to be an Instagram Manager

Instagram is my jam. It’s where I spend the bulk of my time. [You can find me here!]

Instagram is amazing for businesses and business owners alike. You can listen to podcasts, check out trainings and more on how to work on the app. I spend my personal time on Instagram working as a blogger and influencer. The strategies I use for myself, I also implement for clients. You can create content, offer engagement, hashtag research & more. I offer 1:1 coaching for businesses looking to grow their Instagram presence as well as women looking to become social media managers. You can find all of that information here.

My favorite engagement technique is something I learned from Pam over at High Heels High Chairs.

Pam created her business in 2019 after working in the corporate world. Those skills definitely benefitted her as she now manages the expansive and wildly successful Social Mamas Tribe on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. And if you haven’t guessed it, she’s also killing it as a work from home mom as well! 

What if I want to be an influencer or blogger? I don’t want to work for other people.

That’s cool. I totally get that. Influencing and blogging seem so cool, right? Don’t let the pretty photos fool you though. It’s just as much work growing your own social media accounts and creating content. Don’t get me wrong though- it’s not impossible and it’s very rewarding.

I know influencers who take in over $200,000 a year working specifically on their blogs, Instagram accounts and more. Some aren’t moms, some are killing it as work from home moms of multiple children. They make a good bit of their money from a few different places.

  • affiliate links, like Reward Style// LIKEtoKNOW.it, Shop Style, Target Affiliates and more
  • brand partnerships
  • ads on their blogs
  • products they make and sell, such as ebooks, Lightroom presets, printables, etc.
  • joining a network marketing company, like Beautycounter, Seint, Scentsy, etc.
  • assisting other bloggers/influencers

If you go this route, know that it will take time. While we would all love to become overnight viral sensations, it won’t happen to the majority of us. What does help is consistency, creating content that is helping & inspiring others, as well as showing up everyday.

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This all sounds amazing, but how do I fit this into my schedule? I have zero time to myself these days!

Have small children? Work around their naps! I started blogging at the same time I started working as a social media manager when my kids were 7, 6, & 1. While two of my kids were in school, I had a very active 1 year old home with me everyday. I worked from home during his nap time, as well as before & after everyone was in bed. It’s exhausting, but so worth it!

Since 2020 and covid hit, I’ve been working full time from home while homeschooling my children. It’s been a balancing act and I’m so grateful my husband works remotely most days to be a hands-on parent. On the days I’m home solo with the kids, we stick to a strict schedule.

This all sounds amazing! How do I find clients?

That is probably the number one stressor for people! I have found mine through Facebook groups (search virtual assistant, boss moms, etc on Facebook), referrals, friends and more. When you decide to start, put it on your Facebook page! Let everyone know you’re starting a business and you would love if they could refer businesses to you. Keep your clients happy (as possible, but don’t overwork yourself!) and they will refer you to their friends.

It can be hard to start, scary even! But once you’re in the rhythm of networking and finding clients, you’ll get better at it as time goes on. There’s been times I’ve been exhausted, stressed and overworked. I stepped back from that client load and now only work with a handful of client’s at a time. This way I can enjoy time with my family, contribute financially to the household and ensure I’m delivering stellar work to my clients. I hope this has helped answer some of your questions about being a work from home mom!

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