Do y’all feel as stretched and scatterbrained like I do?


My hectic life is not slowing down anytime soon, so I need all the help I can get to stay organized and sane throughout the day.


Can I hear an “Amen, sister!”?


Because my phone is with me wherever I go, I’ve put it to good use with a few great apps I’ve discovered. Bonus points ~ all are free!



With kids and all their activities, it’s always helpful to know what the weather is going to do. And because it’s constantly changing, you need to be checking the forecast sometimes hourly so you can plan. WeatherBug gives me information about what is happening now, in the next few hours, and in the next 10 days!



This app helps me remember the important events in my life. I enter the date and time and schedule to receive a reminder or two prior to the event. If it’s a recurring event, I use the pre-selected or custom settings to get a reminder each time. I can even include notes about the event.


Google Keep

No kidding, every single one of my lists is on this app, and they’re even color-coded so they’re easier to find. I can take a picture of a product to make sure I get the same thing. Someone else can go to the store with my list when I share or collaborate with them on the list. The best part may just be the satisfaction I get when tapping on the checkboxes as I go through the store! You just have to get this app!


There are so many cool apps available, but these are the ones that I turn to all the time because they make my life easier.

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