Disney is truly the most magical place on Earth. When I lived in Jacksonville, we used to go all the time! There is something about the smiles on little kids, the smell of popcorn, and the castle that just makes my soul happy.


I have had my fair share of experiences to know what to bring to Disney and what you can keep at home. Today I am sharing with you 5 things you must take to Disney, whether you are taking children or not.



Florida is HOT. Winter is practically only 2 weeks out of the year so chances are when you go it’s going to be scorching. Bring sunscreen! Most of the lines are outside and long. You can fry just waiting in line to ride Dumbo. Don’t forget to reapply! My absolute favorite is by Beautycounter.

Water Bottles

When it’s hot our bodies sweat to cool down and in order to not become dehydrated, you gotta drink plenty of water. You can bring in your own reusable water bottle or even your own 24 case of water, Disney doesn’t mind. What you don’t want to do is spend $4.95 on each water bottle you have to buy! There are water fountains everywhere and you can also ask most quick service places for water cups with ice.

Rain Jacket or Umbrella

During the Florida summers, one minute the sun is shining and the next the heavens have opened up and it is pouring! Bring a rain jacket or umbrella. If you have a stroller, bring a cover for that too! When you go to ride a ride, cover the stroller with the rain cover even if there isn’t a cloud in sight. You never know what you are going to walk back out to – trust me on this one.

Ziplock Bags

If you tend to not finish your meals, take ziplock baggies to throw your leftover chicken nuggets or french fries in, especially if you have little ones! They are so distracted by all of the magic that they tend to not eat very well. If you take ziplock baggies you can feed them wherever you are and not have to take another break! If you don’t use plastic, reusable sandwich bags are fantastic as well. I love these.

Baby wipes

If you don’t take any of my advice here, I beg you…take baby wipes. They will cool you down so fast and are very refreshing! Also, Disney is known for its sticky treats. Little fingers love to make messes while enjoying them to the fullest and you are going to want to clean up quickly. I really love Water Wipes and Pampers Pure. They are the only wipes I’ll buy! 


There are probably a million things you could take to Disney. Keep in mind that if you forget something, Disney probably has it. They have an awesome baby center with everything you could possibly need from bottles to baby food and even teething medicine. I pumped in there on one trip and it was fantastic! I definitely recommend it for anyone with littles. 


Disney gets it, mama’s forget things sometimes and that is totally okay.




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