Christmas is right around the corner, and if your kids are anything like mine, then they have every toy or gadget that they could ever want. Instead of getting them another toy that will end up forgotten about in a few months, I decided to try something a little different! There are so many great magazines and subscription boxes that can be fun, useful, or educational for my kids! If you are looking for something different this holiday season, I’ve put together my list of the best subscriptions & boxes for kids. There are even a few  magazines ideas for kids! No matter what your child is interested in, there is something here for everyone.

Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery: Top Subscriptions & Boxes for KidsTop Subscriptions & Boxes for Kids

  1. National Geographic Kids
  2. Sports Illustrated Kids
  3. LEGO Magazine
  4. Little Passports
  5. Tinker Crate
  6. Ask Magazine
  7. Bitsbox
  8. Amazon STEM Club
  9. Highlights
  10. Kids Discover
  11. Kidpik
  12. Ladybug
  13. Ranger Rick
  14. Zoobooks
  15. Green Kid Crafts
  16. Girls Can! Crate
  17. Bookroo
  18. Doodle Crate
  19. Humpty Dumpty Magazine
  20. Owl Crate JR

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