Autumn is in full swing here, and my kids have been anxious to start some fall family fun! If you are looking for a few new activities to add to your list this year, here are ten ideas for family fun this autumn.

Fun fall activities for adults and kids alike in Minnesota

Fun Fall Ideas

Go for a nature hike to see the fall foliage

Head out to a place that always has a ton of trees during this time of year! Here you’ll find amazing views of the foliage, and you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful scenic hike too.

Attend a fall festival

There are a ton of great fall festivals this time of year, so grab the family and pick one! There are usually contests, great food, and a bunch of fall activities.

Fun fall activities to do in Minnesota for kids, teens, adults and families

Go apple picking

Find a local orchard, and enjoy some apple picking! You can usually pick them for a low price, and you get to keep the apples at the end!

Make a delicious pumpkin dessert

There are so many great pumpkin treats out there this time of year! Choose a recipe and make it together as a family! Your kids can help with pumpkin cookies, muffins, bread, or even scones!

Visit a pumpkin patch

There is probably a local pumpkin patch close by that is just waiting for you to visit! You can find great pumpkins for carving or decorating, which can double as home decor during the fall season.

Make your own homemade candy apples

Instead of waiting until the fair comes to town, why not make your own candy apples! You could also make caramel apples if you are looking to avoid the mess of candy everywhere.

Host a harvest party

If you want to do something really special this year, consider throwing a harvest party! You can invite other friends over with their kids and have a big get together to celebrate the fall harvest! Whip up a few fun fall treats and enjoy an afternoon outside with your loved ones and some great food. We did one of those this weekend and the kids had a blast celebrating Halloween with their friends!

Go through a corn maze

Corn mazes can be kind of hard, but there are plenty that were made for family fun! Find a local corn maze and spend the afternoon wandering around a field of corn.

Jump in a big pile of leaves

Find a spot in your yard with a bunch of leaves and spend the afternoon jumping in! If you do decide to jump into a pile of leaves, make sure to do it without a wet sucker.

Go for a hayride

Many local festivals and pumpkin patches offer hayrides during the fall season for a minimal cost. Head out to one and go for an evening hayride with your family! This will be loads of fun, and you can even find a haunted hayride if you are looking for something scarier.

While there are hundreds and even thousands of ideas that I didn’t cover in this list, hopefully, these ten ideas will get you started so that you can have a fun family-filled autumn this year! Follow me on Instagram for more updates. 

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