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Kid Friendly Smoothies

So, if you’ve ever been in a hurry in the morning and grab whatever food is easiest for yourself and your kids, you’re going to LOVE these kid friendly smoothies! Evive smoothies don’t require a blender and are packed with nutrients.

woman carrying her baby and holding a Kid friendly smoothies

What are Evive kid friendly smoothies?

The smoothies from Evive are healthy, easy and delicious frozen smoothies that come in cubes.  Also, they’re plant based, so they’re perfect no matter what dietary requirements you have. With the ingredient list clearly listed, there’s no surprise added ingredients to these delicious mom and kid friendly smoothies!

What makes Evive special?


● Easy, quick & nutritious – blender-free


● Delicious plant-based breakfast solution

● High-quality ingredients: organic fruits

and vegetables, superfoods, &

plant-based protein in each smoothie

● No added sugar

● Does not contain artificial flavours or preservatives

● Gluten-free

● Vegan

● Non-GMO

● Certified Organic

● Free shipping

evive kid friendly smoothies

How do I prepare an Evive smoothie?

It’s so easy! Also, your toddler could even easily make this kid friendly smoothie on their own.

1) First, run the wheel underwater for a few seconds

2) Pop the cubes in a bottle or mason jar

3) Third, cover the cubes with your favourite liquid

(plant-based milk, cold water, or juice)

4) So, let it melt for 20 minutes & shake away!

What I like to do is pull out the smoothie flavor I’d like to enjoy, pop it in a water bottle or mason jar, cover with oat milk & go finish getting ready. I’ll help the kids get ready for school, nurse Freya, get some work done…& then bam! It’s time for a smoothie dance party! Emerson especially loves to help shake it up so we can get to sipping these kid friendly smoothies.

woman preparing evive kid friendly smoothies

How do I place my Evive order?

It is so easy to place your Evive order!

1) Pick between the 12, 24 or 36 product box (use code sandeelbooth20 to save $20 off your first order!)

2) Then, select your fave smoothies

3) Pick your desired delivery frequency AND THAT’S IT! https://evivenutrition.com

It couldn’t be any easier! I know you’ll love these easy and healthy mama and kid friendly smoothies as much as I do. It’s nice to know that not only are they easy to make and simple to order. But they’re healthy! Also, it can be hard to make sure my kids and I are getting all of the fruits and vegetables we need in daily, so these healthy smoothies make it that much easier for us.

woman holding ingredients for a smoothie

Do you have a discount code I can use?

You know it! Use code sandeelbooth20 to save $20 off your first order online, which is definitely the easiest way to grab these. Also, they’re available at more than 3,000 grocery stores across the US & Canada.

How do I enjoy these Evive Smoothies?

The easiest way is to drink them up. But you can make them into a delicious smoothie bowl too! So, grab your favorite flavor and pour it into a bowl. Top it with strawberries, bananas, dried coconut, blueberries, nuts, hemp seeds and more! Feeling a more dessert flavor? Also, use the mocha smoothie cubes and top it with a drizzle of peanut butter. Moreover, you can add sliced bananas, drizzle of chocolate and sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum!! So, no matter how you enjoy these mom and kid friendly smoothies, you’ll love them.

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