You can’t go to many popular stores without seeing ELF cosmetics in the makeup section! I’ve tried it off and on over the years, so I decided to try it again the other day so I could do an ELF cosmetics review. I’ve tried the current most popular products (I’m looking at you primer!) to some older ones that have been around for years.

Elf cosmetics review

Top Favorite ELF Products

The ones I’m holding in the photo above are my 3 top favorite products! I loved these three- from pigment & longevity with the shadows and liquid matte lip to texture and staying power with the primer. The poreless primer gave me that perfect airless finish, which I loved. I personally prefer to wear it with other (not ELF) foundations.

Price wise, all ELF products are incredibly affordable. The priciest thing I purchased was the eyeshadow palette at $14. For that price, this palette can’t be beat! You get a range of fantastic shades and when put on top of an eyelid primer, they will last for hours. The poreless primer is AMAZING and comes in at only $8. Y’all, this primer is on par with much more expensive primers that have price tags of $30-$50. This is a cult favorite for a reason that I absolutely adore. I have always loved a matte liquid lip. I find they’re easier to apply and last longer. This is one of my top liquid matte lips because it’s got great pigment, lasts a while and doesn’t feel drying on my lips.

Did I try more than these three products? Of course!  I wouldn’t be able to give a full ELF cosmetics review if I didn’t. 😉

Thoughts on Mascara

I’m what you could call a mascara junkie. I’ve tried countless brands and countless formulas. I tried two of Elf’s mascaras, with varying options. One I throughly adored – lengthening & volumizing that is only FOUR dollars.  It lasted with no smudging on my under-eye area or flaking, as well as really giving my sad, stubby little lashes a serious boost. The second mascara I tried I wasn’t fond of. It was the mineral infused mascara. It smudged and honestly did nothing for my stubby little lashes. The clear winner in this case was the lengthening mascara.

Powder & Foundation

My go to powder that I use every time I use makeup is from ELF. I love this sheer pressed powder! It does a great job of keeping me shine free and I love that extra little matte finish it gives. Foundation wise, I tried their incredibly popular Flawless Finish Foundation that comes in at $6. I honestly think it was my least liked product. It didn’t give me flawless coverage- it was much very sheer and had a strong fragrance. I typically react to strong fragrances (mild rashes and occasional headaches), which I had a mild reaction to this one as well. For me, it didn’t work. According to the 2,000+ reviews on Target though, it’s the bees knees. Can’t win ‘em all.

Brows & Brushes

The last two new to me products I tried were the eyebrow pencil & the kabuki brush. I liked the eyebrow pencil – one end is the pencil while the other end has a little brow spoolie. For only $2, it really can’t be beat. Now this kabuki brush is amazing. It can be used on wet and dry products and gives such a fabulous finish! I wasn’t expecting such amazing quality at this price, but I was so wrong. I’ve decided to definitely add this to my regular rotation.

Elf Cosmetics Review

Final Thoughts

After trying all of these new products, I have a few I will certainly keep using. Others, like the flawless foundation and mineral mascara, I won’t be purchasing again. Overall, I was definitely impressed with the quality at such a low price. If you’ve tried ELF, what are your thoughts?



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