I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and eventful weekend shopping. Now that we have eaten our turkey, it’s officially the Christmas season, and I’m so excited. If you and your family haven’t taken your holiday pictures yet, I have some amazing Christmas outfits for the whole family. Definitely going all out on the Christmas theme with these looks, but for some neutral options, check out my Christmas Card Outfits For the Family post!

Christmas outfits for the whole family

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Christmas Outfits for the Whole Family

Mom & Dad Christmas Looks

Like I said earlier, I went super red for this Christmas look to bring out the holiday spirit. But, since red is already an attention-drawing color for mom, I went with this simple Rosie Mock Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress. To top off the look, these Ally Knee High Boots are perfect. For dad, I picked these Dune London Camron Chukka Boots because they are the ideal mix between shoes & boots to match mom’s look. Finally, I went for a lighter wash in pants to calm down the colors with these Slim Built-In Flex Rotation Chinos.

Girl’s Christmas Outfit

For the girls in the family, we love to see a matching moment with mom if they allow it. Today I have options to match either mom’s or dad’s look. For starters, this adorable Long-Sleeve Cinched-Waist Sweatshirt Dress. Casual but perfect for the occasion. Or this more traditional Plaid Swing Dress that matches dad’s shirt perfectly. Sticking with the boots theme here, I would grab these Laguna Chelsea Boots that are also perfect for other winter activities.

Father & Son Christmas Style

For this holiday combo, I wanted a layered look with some more casual pieces to create a sophisticated style. For boys, I love this Shawl-Collar Sweater-Fleece Pullover layered on top of this Plaid Flannel. This combination never fails and looks impressive in pictures. For dad, I went for the same look but reversed with this Plaid Double-Brushed Flannel layered on top of this basic Long-Sleeve Henley T-Shirt.

Picking out all of these looks makes me more excited for the upcoming holiday. Whether you have family pictures or Christmas parties to attend this season, these looks are perfect for the occasion. Comment below what your favorite look is! You can shop all of these festive outfits here:


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