Stress-free and lazy might sound like two things that don’t belong in the same sentence. While this might be a little true, you don’t have to put in a lot of work to have a stress-free morning! There are a ton of little things you can do that require minimal effort, but will lead to a pain-free morning experience you may even start to look forward to! Here is a lazy girl’s guide to a stress-free morning.

Easy tips for a stress free morning

Batch Cook Your Morning Meals

Instead of having to slave over the stove and make breakfast each morning, batch cook them! It will take you just as long to make a big batch of scrambled eggs as it will take to make a small one. Take a few extra minutes to double your batch of pancakes or make a second breakfast casserole. This will make sure you always have a hot breakfast without all the work.

Lay Out Your Clothes the Night Before

Lay out your clothes the night or for the week at night. This will help you get ready faster so you can spend less time wondering what you’ll wear that day. If you need to, do this for your kids and even your spouse to get everyone moving a little faster in the mornings.

Prepare your Lunches on Sunday Nights

Instead of preparing lunch each day, batch them all in one night! This will allow you always to have lunch ready to go without having to spend time making them each night! Sandwiches and salads can easily be prepped on Sunday for the week, and you always have a ready to go option in the fridge or pantry.

Get Up Earlier Than You Want To

I know this one is hard, but it helps! If your morning is stressed, it may be because you’re not allowing yourself enough time to do all the things you need to do. Getting up earlier is the last thing you want to hear, but it could be the solution to all of your morning woes. Try getting up just 15 minutes earlier and see if it makes a big difference. If nothing else, this gives you extra time in the morning to actually wake up.

Put Tasks on Autopilot

Can you set a timer on your coffee, so it automatically brews at 8 am? Can you have your kids get themselves packed in the morning? Whatever you can do to put a task on autopilot for yourself, do it! The less you have to think or worry about in the mornings, the better chance you have at a stress-free morning. Having your first load of clothes already in the washer and ready to hit start or the dishwasher ready to start can all be huge time-savers in the morning.


Write Out a Plan for the Day/Week

I always find writing out exactly what I want to accomplish that week helps a ton. After that, I break it down by day. Who doesn’t love to check off their to do list and feel accomplished?! I know I do.

Since I work from home I’m able to do a little bit more cleaning in between client work as well, but having designated cleaning days helps a lot. One – two loads of laundry daily helps keep it from becoming overwhelming, while all other cleaning “chores” get their own designated days in the weekly plan.


Easy tips for a stress free morning

As you can see, a little planning goes a long way toward a stress-free morning. These little tips will help you enjoy your mornings a little more because we have to endure them one way or another!


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