As a busy mom, it’s hard to get out there and try new things. It doesn’t matter how much we tell ourselves we should be doing these things; it’s always just one more thing “on the list.” If you are a busy mom, here are 20 new things to do in 2020 that will transform your entire life!

drink tea and read a book for Things to do in 2020

20 New Things to do in 2020

Take a vacation without the kids

Go by yourself, with a group of friends or even with your spouse for some much needed time away from the kids.

Create unplugged time

Set a time each day when all devices are out of reach. 

Spend time with friends at least once per week

You don’t have to spend time with the same friend each week, but plan an outing or get together with one of your friends each week.

Get up before your kids

If you aren’t much of a morning person, try just getting up 15 minutes before your kids. This will give you plenty of time to sneak in a warm cup of coffee.

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Implement weekly date nights with your spouse

Make one day each week date night, and go out on the town with your spouse! We don’t go out very often, but we do date nights at home regularly. After the kids are asleep, we watch a new show together or a rent a movie. 

Set a cleaning routine to tackle your home

Think about what areas you struggle with in your home and set a cleaning routine to help you keep on track with cleaning tasks in your home.

Do a weekly declutter of one area of your home

Choose one spot in your home and declutter it completely this week. I love doing this with closets on a regular basis! 

Create a productive morning routine

Make a list of things you want to accomplish in the morning and make those apart of your morning routine.

Start creating freezer meals for later

The next time you cook dinner, make a second batch to freeze for later.

Fine-tune your meal planning system

Are there flaws in how you meal plan? Take this time to find a system that works!

Make a seasonal bucket list as a family

Make a list of all the things you want to do for fall, winter, spring, and summer and enjoy time with your family!

Find balance

Learn to balance work, mom duties, personal tasks, and home life by finding the balance. 100% easier said than done! I find balance by scheduling work for specific times, same with doing things around the house, errands, etc. 

Do something for yourself

Choose to do something for yourself to recharge your batteries. I love to workout or read a book to relax, especially early in the morning before everyone is up. 

Create a relaxing evening routine

Set up an evening routine that will help you relax and destress from the busy day.

Treat yourself every now and then

Mama needs a treat from time to time too!

renew yourself today is a fresh start quote

Schedule in time for self-care

Schedule in one self-care activity each day that will make a big difference for you.

Find one new way to save money on your household expenses each month

Choose one thing you can do to help save money on a household expense. 

Try something new with your family

Find a new place to eat or something fun to do with your family this evening.

Set office hours for your kids

This is your time to sign permission slips, check over homework, and give your kids uninterrupted time.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Dare to do something you’re not used to. You may find it was the best thing you did all year!

No matter how busy you are this coming year, I highly encourage you to try something from this list, even if you can’t do all 20!

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