With Easter a little over a month away, I have already been planning my family’s outfits for our Sunday outing. Whether you attend church, plan on taking spring photos, or do something as a family, your outfits are still essential. Easter and spring are all about embracing the fresh florals that come with the season and showing off pastels. Today I want to share some affordable and adorable Easter Sunday family outfits; let’s get started.

Easter Sunday Family Outfits

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Mom’s Easter Outfit

For this look, I wanted a dress that embodied all the colors of spring and could be worn for different occasions. Immediately fell in love with this Fit & Flare Floral Maxi Dress. For shoes, you can keep the pink on pink with these Mules or break up the colors and accent some of the green details with these Slingback Pumps. This look is gorgeous and needs simple accessories like these Leaf Drop Earrings to finish it off. 

Boys Easter Sunday

I know mom will be styling these looks around what she wears, so let’s keep the pink theme going. For dad, I love this Color-Block Polo, not too matchy-matchy, but on the theme. Lighter-colored Slacks are more appropriate for this holiday too. For the boys, this Salmon Short Sleeved Oxford Shirt is a great option that would look stylish with these Green Cargo Taper Pants. Highlights mom’s dress too!

Girls Easter Outfit

As a girl mom, I have noticed that my daughter is not always up for a full matching moment. This is totally okay, but there are still options to stay with your theme. For a more traditional Easter look, I love this Swiss Dot Chiffon Dress with this White Cardigan. Something more on the fun spring side but still appropriate is this pretty Dot & Floral Smocked Waist Dress.

I love these looks for Easter this year, and you can style these pieces throughout spring. Try and stick to light or pastel colors such as pinks, greens, yellows, and baby blues. Tell me in the comments about your family’s Easter Sunday plans this year. If you love these outfits, you could shop them here:

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