As a child, I loved spending my summers with friends at summer camp. I went nearly every summer as a kid and was thrilled when my kids were old enough to attend summer camps. You couldn’t keep me away from summer camp when the warm weather hit! This is one reason I wanted to make sure that no matter where we lived, my children got to have the same fun summer camp experiences I did. If you’re on a tight budget or can’t find a summer camp near you that’s right for your family, here are 20 ideas for a summer camp that you can do yourself!


Ideas for Summer Camp

collage of Ideas for summer camp activities

  1. Flour Fight Battle
  2. No Sew Reading Tent 
  3. Fun Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables
  4. Penguin Ice Cube Painting Activity 
  5. Stone-Cold Shark Painted Rocks
  6. Balloon Tennis 
  7. How To Make Friendship Bracelets 
  8. Compliment Suns Friendship Craft 
  9. Camping Count and Color Activity
  10. How to Make a Shrinky Dink Keychain
  11. How to Create Melted Crayon Art Projects
  12. Colorful Squirt Gun Painting 
  13. Handprint Campfire Craft 
  14. DIY Chalk Paint 
  15. DIY Make Tie-Dye Shirts 
  16. Basic God’s Eye Craft
  17. Campfire Bread on a Stick 
  18. Stomping Bubble Wrap Painting 
  19. Wrapped Walking Stick
  20. Easy Sea Animal Suncatcher Craft

More fun summer activity ideas

Need more ideas for a fun summer at home? Don’t stress! Check out a few other fun and budget friendly summer camp ideas below.

Summer Camp Ideas for Kids

Fun Printables for Kids

Edible Cookie Dough

Non-craft ideas for summer activities

Looking for ideas that don’t involve oodles of crafting? That’s ok too! A few fun summer camp ideas that don’t involve crafting are:

  • baking cookies
  • telling stories
  • playing tag
  • swimming
  • picking wildflowers
  • hiking
  • kayaking


Regardless of your budget and amount of free time, you’re sure to find a few fun ideas for your children. Many of these craft ideas don’t take long at all, so they can easily be done on the weekends or in the evenings. No matter what you end up doing, the best part will be creating life long memories with your children!

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