Isn’t fall style fun? I love being able to wear ALL.THE.THINGS. Layering is so fun! It’s definitely the key to staying warm as well. Who wants to be cold?! Not me! Being from the south, I get SO excited over all the leaves changing here in Minnesota. What can I say? I’m just a basic girl in heaven here y’all.

Easy & Casual Fall Style

woman walking in easy casual women’s style for fall and winter

It hasn’t gotten super cold in Duluth yet- it’s still just a little chilly, so we haven’t needed to pull out the super thick layers yet. I’m totally ok with that since I’m a huge lover of thinner layers. Lighter weight sweatshirts & sweaters are always so fun with cute thin jackets, all of which can be layered underneath heavier winter jackets and scarves when it gets really cold.

Lilly Pulitzer wear for fall, easy and affordable fall fashion for women

I love, love, love all the warm colors in fall- the golds and reds, oranges- but I also LOVE Lilly Pulitzer. It isn’t the typical color palette for autumn, but it is so fun and always cheerful. Bright layers keep it fun and cozy.


What is your favorite aspect of fall fashion? Give me a cozy sweater any day and I’m a happy girl! Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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