Back to school season is here, which means your kids are going to be coming home with homework before too long! Whether your kids are going to school or learning from home like we are, having an organized space for them to work in is essential. With this portable homework station, your kids can have everything they need to complete their assignments all in one place.

Dollar Tree Homework Station
Supplies for a Homework Station

Making this cute homework station is a great way to help your kids stay organized as they’re doing school work at home. But the best part about this easy project is that you can get everything you’ll need at Dollar Tree! That means you’ll not only be helping your kids stay on top of their studies, but you won’t have to spend a ton of money to do it!

To make your own portable homework station using Dollar Tree supplies, you’ll need:

Plastic basket with a handle
Paper cups
My printable homework station label

So, gather up your supplies and start putting this simple homework station together!

Dollar Tree Homework Station

How to Make a Homework Station

Start by grabbing your empty basket. This handy basket features compartments perfect for storing school supplies. And the handle makes it easy to carry from place to place, allowing your kids to easily transport their school supplies to any room of the house.

To help keep the school supplies organized inside the basket, add some paper cups to each compartment. This will make it simpler to store smaller items, like pencils and markers. It’s also a good idea to leave a little space open on one side to store bigger items, like bottles of glue.

Now it’s time to start decorating your basket. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the outside of the basket and secure it in place with a little bit of glue. Then, print out the homework station label on heavy cardstock and cut it out around the outer border. Glue the label on the front of the basket.

School Supplies for a Homework Station

After decorating your kid’s homework station, you can start adding school supplies. The type of supplies your kids will need will depend on the supplies they typically use to complete their assignments. These common school supplies would make a great addition to your homework station:

Pens and pencils
Crayons and markers
Colored pencils
Glue and glue sticks
Dry erase markers
Paper clips or a stapler
Sticky notes
Dollar Tree Homework Station


Plastic basket with handle

Paper cups


Printable label

School supplies (pencils, pens, dry erase markers, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, and highlighters)


1. Print out printable label on card stock and cut out around the outer border.
2. Place the cups inside the basket, then fill them with various school supplies.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the exterior of the basket and secure it in place with glue.
4. Glue the label to the front of the basket, centered on top of the ribbon.

Note: All supplies used in this project were purchased at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Homework Station


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