Who else loves Target?!

I’ve always found some of the CUTEST clothes and home goods there. Their dollar section always has some of the best finds! Who else can’t just walk right by it without getting something?

I’ve rounded up some of my absolute must have pieces you need for fall that will carry you through winter & definitely be staples in your closet. These easy to wear pieces are such flattering cuts that you’ll love.

October Target Style Finds & Loves

I have links to every piece here – they are affiliate links, but they are at no cost to you. I make a teeny tiny percent if you purchase through them.


woman wearing black long sleeves top and black and white skirt from October Target Style

This black sweater is fab with a skirt like in the photo, but also great with jeans or slacks for a more dressed up look. Add some booties, hoop earrings and you’re set!


woman wearing silk top and white pants from October Target Style

Can we talk about stunning this top is?! Target has it in pink & olive green. Guys. How anyone can choose just one is beyond me! Don’t ask if I bought both. 😂


woman wearing grey shirt and black pants

Love a good basic tee. They are SO versatile. This tee can work with so many other pieces & occasions. And let’s be real, can you have too many basic shirts?!


woman wearing poncho and green pants

This poncho is beyond gorgeous. I love the neutral color, but also that you can just throw it on and immediately dresses up whatever you’re wearing. Nursing and baby stained cami? No one will know if you’re wearing this! So cute with skinnies or with the returning flares. Just add a belt to cinch in your waist and you’re gold!


woman wearing grey sweater

Does this one really need any explanation? 😂

Mama always needs coffee y’all!


woman wearing brown square pants

I LOVE the paper bag trend! I was all “ugh no” when it first came out, but they are so stinking comfortable. Wear them with a fitted top and they are so cute! I love wearing them with wedges to look taller as well. Short leg probs y’all, I need all the help to elongate my legs.


woman wearing tattered jeans

So to be honest, I love all the jeans from the Universal Thread line. They are comfortable, easy to move in, don’t lose their shape and work for curvy girls. Yasssssss to jeans that fit the thighs, hips AND waist. 👖


woman wearing flare pants from October Target Style

I love that flares are back in style! So cute. So fun.


person wearing jeggings

Legit question…how do we people before joggers? I don’t remember life before these crazy comfortable pants came into my life. Move over tight leggings, I’m living my life in loose, cozy joggers.


Coats and Dresses


This dress is like the sisterhood of the traveling pants jeans. It’s gorgeous on every single woman who wears it! Not only that, it’s great for casual days, business wear or nights out. Whattttt?! Crazy, I know. Snatch this up before they sell out!


woman wearing animal print dress from October Target Style

So I’m 100% team animal print is a neutral, so this gorgeous print is just perfection in a dress.


woman wearing brown trench coat from October Target Style

woman wearing trench coat from October Target Style

I have loved trench coats since I was a child and watched Audrey Hepburn wear them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It created such a lasting impression that a good fitted trench equals classic style to me. I’ve owned one from various brands since I was a teen and started buying my own clothes. I love that they’ve come back in style, especially the trench dress style that Meghan Markle is fond of wearing to engagements. I’m here for all the classic styles!

Which piece was your favorite?! Do you own any of them? I love them all! Target, like usual, taking all of my clothes shopping money. 😂

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