When you need a quick no-fuss breakfast option, grab a refrigerated can of crescent rolls. This pre-made dough is a versatile ingredient that can help you create easy casseroles, pizzas, muffins, rolls, pinwheels, quiche, braids, waffles and more. The flexibility of the crescent rolls let you roll them, fold them, and cut them into whatever shape or size you need for your recipe. Here, you’ll find savory and a few sweet crescent roll breakfast ideas designed to make your mornings easier and delicious. Many of the recipes are make-ahead and can be served cold, saving you even more time on busy mornings. Keep a stash of canned crescent rolls in your fridge so you’ll always be ready to assemble one of these easy breakfast recipes.

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20 Crescent Roll Breakfast Ideas

20 Crescent Roll Breakfast Ideas

Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring by Jo Cooks

Make this crescent ring for your next brunch when you need a showstopper to display on the table. Using canned crescent rolls, lay the triangles out in a star-shaped design, load the strips up with eggs, bacon and cheese and fold over to create the stuffed ring shape. Bake it to puffy and golden deliciousness. It’s impressive and easy, which makes it perfect to serve to guests!

Baked Ham And Cheese Rollups by High Heels And Grills

Everyone loves ham and cheese, especially when they’re combined in a quick hand-held roll up. Perfect as an appetizer, snack or breakfast option, crescent rolls are spread out and filled with your favorite deli ham and Swiss cheese. Roll them up and then drizzled with a buttery poppy seed and mustard sauce. Bake until browned.

Crescent Roll Mini Spinach Quiche by Unsophisticated Cook

Your mini muffin tin will help you form these awesome bite-sized breakfast quiche with the help of canned crescent rolls. Press the dough into the wells and fill with an egg mixture that’s filled with crumbled bacon, spinach and cheese. Bake until golden and set. These are great warm or make them ahead and keep them refrigerated for a quick cold breakfast in the morning.

Sheet Pan Breakfast Pizza by Crayons And Cravings

Opt for a buttery and puffy crust using canned crescent rolls as the base for a breakfast pizza. Make an easy sausage and gravy topping for the crust, then add cooked scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and crumbled bacon. Bake until the crust rises and the cheese has melted. You’ll love this new take on a breakfast pizza!

Breakfast Croissant Roll Ups by Butter Your Biscuit

Cooked sausage links join with scrambled eggs to fill crescent rolls before their session in the oven. Make these cheesy by adding shredded cheese before rolling up and baking. Give them 30 minutes to rise and turn golden before enjoying. These are also great for meal planning as you can freeze the baked and cooled rollups for later use.

Tex Mex Sausage Breakfast Casserole by Isabel Eats

Make a savory breakfast casserole that includes eggs, sausage, peppers and onions that sit atop a crescent roll crust. Brown the sausage and veggies in a skillet before adding them to the unbaked crust. Make a seasoned and spicy egg mixture and pour it over before baking the casserole. Bake until cooked through and golden.

Everything Crescent Rolls by Spend WIth Pennies

If you’re a fan of everything bagels for breakfast, you’ll love these easy to make everything crescent rolls. Spread crescent rolls with cream cheese. Roll up, seal the edges and brush with egg white. Sprinkle on everything seasoning and bake to scrumptiousness. How easy is that?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Crescents by The Baking Fairy

Perfect for breakfast or a snack, these yummy chocolate, banana and peanut butter rollups are super simple to make. Spread crescent rolls with peanut butter, chocolate chips and banana slices. Roll them up and bake until golden and melty. So good!

Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls by Family Fresh Meals

The only thing better than warm and gooey cinnamon rolls for breakfast is if you add fragrant and salty bacon to them. Yes, it’s true – bacon cinnamon rolls are the new breakfast obsession. Use a can of already prepared refrigerated cinnamon rolls. Unroll them and add strips of bacon to them and re-roll. Bake to scrumptiousness and drizzle with the sweet glaze.

Ham And Cheese Crescent Breakfast Casserole by Spicy Southern Kitchen

Perfect for holidays or just meal prep in general, this easy to make casserole can be assembled the night before. Crescent rolls form the crust that’s topped with ham, eggs, cheese, and bell peppers. It needs only 30 minutes in the oven to rise to a delicious and savory breakfast casserole.

Bacon Spinach Crescent Pinwheels by Melissa’s Southern Kitchen

These pinwheels gained popularity as an appetizer but they’re also perfect for a grab and go savory breakfast! Refrigerated crescent rolls are unrolled and slathered with a savory cream cheese mixture and thawed and drained frozen spinach, crumbled cooked bacon and shredded cheese. Roll them up and bake. They’re perfect to make ahead of time and keep in the fridge for a quick warm up in the toaster oven. But also, they’re actually yummy when they’re cold, directly from the fridge!

Easy Tomato, Bacon, Avocado Galette by Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

Summer is a great time to make this easy galette where crescent rolls form the crust. Top it with grated cheese, freshly sliced or diced tomatoes. diced avocado and crumbled cooked bacon. Fold up the edges to contain the ingredients and bake this bacon and fresh veggie meal.

Bacon Crescent Bites by The Kitchen Is My Playground

You’ll love how easy and convenient these cheese bites are, making them perfect for breakfast, snacks or even appetizers. Crescent rolls are spread and topped with cream cheese, green onions, crumbled bacon and parmesan cheese. Top this yumminess with another sheet of crescent rolls and bake. Cut into small squares and serve.

Easy Crescent Waffles by The Blissful Balance

Use refrigerated crescent rolls on a hot waffle iron to make a flaky and buttery waffle. Be sure and open the dough, roll it out, sprinkle with flour and roll again so a disc is ready to fit on your waffle iron. It’s just that easy! Garnish with your you favorite toppings and enjoy this no mess, no fuss way to make waffles!

Smoked Salmon And Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls by Pass The Challah

Whether you make this deliciousness as a breakfast option or serve it to delighted guests as an appetizer, crescent rolls make this smoked salmon and cream cheese filling a delectable offering. The filling is an easy mixture of smoked salmon, green onions, fresh dill, and softened cream cheese. Fill the dough triangles and fold them up. Brush with an egg wash before baking to golden perfection.

Sausage Egg And Cheese Breakfast Rolls by The Country Cook

These breakfast rolls are super easy. Fill your crescent roll triangles with your favorite cheese, add on scrambled eggs and top with your favorite cooked sausage links. Roll up the triangles and bake until golden brown. They’re kid-friendly and adults love them, too!

Taco Pie by Julie’s Eats And Treats

Savory breakfast tacos get a new setting in pie form. This recipe is great for either breakfast or dinner since it’s so easy to make. Use crescent rolls for a flaky crust that holds a filling of cooked and seasoned taco meat. Layer sour cream, shredded cheese and crushed chips on top before baking to golden and crunchy goodness. Garnish with your favorite toppings before serving.

Easy Breakfast Braid by Cincy Shopper

When you need to feed a crowd, consider this lengthwise breakfast braid that’s filled with scrambled eggs, diced ham, diced bell peppers, onions and plenty of cheese. You’ll add the filling ingredients to crescent rolls that are spread open and cut on each side into strips. Once filled, fold the strips in an overlapping fashion to create a braided look. Bake and serve this impressive breakfast

Mini Quiche by A Beautiful Mess

Make bite-sized quiche for a delicious breakfast or use them for snacks and appetizers. Press crescent roll circles into muffin tin wells and fill them with an egg mixture and shredded cheese. Bake and enjoy! It’s a recipe that’s versatile, customizable and super easy to make, whatever the occasion

Pepperoni Pizza Cups by Buy This Cook That

If you love traditional pizza for breakfast, try these individual servings of pizza cups made with crescent rolls. Press the dough into muffin tin wells, fill with your favorite pizza or marina sauce, top with shredded cheese and pepperoni slices. Bake until golden brown and cheese is melted. You can make these ahead and either reheat in the toaster oven or enjoy them cold, right out of the fridge.

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