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The more I write about mental health during this pandemic, the less I seem to know how to start articles like these. It feels weird to talk about how crappy we all feel when we’re supposed to be stuck in a place that we love! After all, isn’t that why you chose your house or living space? When it feels like all we do is work and do chores, it can feel silly to take time for ourselves, which is why I’m putting together a list of five easy self-care tips that will seriously change your life.

5 Easy Self Care Tips

Spend some time by yourself

Sometimes doing something for yourself can mean taking a short break from your family and doing a little bit of unwinding with some alone time. While it can be nice to spend time with others, we all need time to ourselves. Even if all you do during that time is just watch a few episodes of your favorite show, you can use this time to catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to read or just throw in a bath bomb and take a nice hot bath. It’s a really simple easy self care tip that can be a bit hard to prioritize sometimes. 

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Easy self care tip: Give yourself the gift of sleep

Sleep can not only have a significant effect on how you are feeling, but it can also cause many health issues if you’re not getting enough sleep. Stress and distractions can wreak havoc on our sleep cycle, so sometimes, the best thing you can do for your self-care is fix your sleep cycle! Avoid caffeine and sugar before bed. Make your room free of distractions, and even invest in a few room-darkening curtains to avoid being woken up too early by the sun. I have a set in my bedroom and it makes a huge difference in my sleep when they’re closed. I considered the cost an easy “investment” in my own personal self care. 

Stop checking up on the news

Checking your phone too much can be a big cause of your stress. Checking on the news, social media, and always being plugged in can end up being more harmful than good. Try and implement a few times of day when you are going to disconnect from your devices. Don’t check in on Instagram or scroll through your newsfeed. Just distance yourself from the outside world for a while. I do this regularly. It can be hard since I work from home on social media for clients and myself, but it’s so important to put your phone or laptop away. You’ll feel a lot better after regularly implementing this easy self care tip. 

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Self Care Tip: Rid your home of clutter that’s weighing you down

This may be the easiest self care tip of them all! Use all this time at home to finally let go of some of that clutter that weighs you down! Amazon Trade-in or even the Facebook Marketplace can help you sell some of that clutter so you can treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted. Just the act of letting go of things in our home that have been causing us stress can be helpful! If I have clothes I’m no longer wearing, I send them to ReRuns. It’s a wonderful consignment site that donates a large percentage to charity. 

Say no so you can say yes to yourself

Learning to say no is hard. Many of us feel obligated to say yes whenever someone asks us for time or energy. However, if you are already feeling stressed, saying yes can lead to more burnout and cause you to feel worse. Instead of saying yes to everyone else, learn to say no to them so you can say yes to yourself. I’m a natural born people pleaser, so this is something I’ve struggled with for years. But sometimes saying no to other people just means you’re saying yes to you… and that’s a very important, not so easy, self care tip. 

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Just because we’re living in a time of fewer in-person events and less going out doesn’t mean that we won’t experience stress or anxiety. These easy self care tips are here to encourage you to make time for yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

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