Back-to-school season is in full swing as summer is winding down to the last few weeks! Back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming, so I have curated a few of my favorite essentials to help narrow your search! Some great places I love to shop are Walmart and Target for all your back-to-school supplies.

Back-To-School Finds

Back-to-School Items You Need This Fall


Did anyone else say that in Dora’s voice? Tell me you’re a mom without telling me you’re a mom. New year, new backpack! This is the one thing my kids are super picky about. Also, I need them to be durable for my kids’ activities and last all year. A super popular bag this year is the LL Bean Original Book Pack, which has 4.5 stars and has a warranty option to ensure durability all year. Pottery Barn Kids has some of the cutest backpacks for back-to-school for boys and girls.

I love this Mackenzie Lavender / Aqua Ombre Sparkle Glitter bag for a girl, and it has the option to put their name on the bag, which I love! Same for boys, this Astor Blue Navy Backpack is a great color scheme, and I love the big pocket in front. I’m also a big fan of the classic Jansport bags I grew up using that last for years! I love the classic look of these bags, plus they have great features and sit comfortably on the shoulders.

Lunch Time Essentials

Just like backpacks, a new lunch box is another must-have for your kids this fall. I like to look for compact and easy options in my kid’s lunch bags. You can never have too many pockets to store all your kids’ snacks, which is why I chose this Filton Co. Flip Down Lunch Pack – it’s a perfect size and has a bottle holder on the side. A good reusable water bottle for back to school is a must-have for me. I like this Ello stainless steel option because it’s super easy to clean and has a super cute handle to hook onto their bags. I have recently seen bento boxes on my social media and think they’re great for packing lunches. The Botrong instillation box has every compartment you need for packing lunches; everything has a place without food touching, which my kids love.

School Supplies for Back-to-School

Let’s talk about the stuff your kids need and will most likely use every day this school year. A good spiral notebook is always required, and I love the five-star journals because they have pockets on the inside that are super convenient for teachers to send work home. Your kids will most likely need a folder, if not several, to keep all their different subjects organized. These Walmart folders are 50 cents and last all year.

The Zipit pencil bags are great, and kids love their unique features. I also love these BIG pencils that come in a 40 pack for less than $10, which should be plenty to last the whole year. Flashcards make for great gifts to teachers to help them out with supplies or for studying at home. Last but not least are these super cute headphones that are only $15 and come in several cute colors.

This is my starter pack for back-to-school shopping this fall, which I really hope helps!

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