Easy tips for flying with kids in airplane

My family travels a lot. With my husband in the Coast Guard, we are always on a new adventure. ✈️ Over the years we have had great flights and we have had less than peaceful ones. I can’t tell you how many times my older kids cried on their first flight. We were *those* people. As a young mom flying with 3 kids, I try my best to keep everyone happy and quiet but sometimes a “baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do!” If you don’t know where that saying is from then now I feel old!

How to Fly with Kids

I have compiled some tips and tricks to easily fly with a baby/children and I am sharing them with you today!

Keep Them Chewing

Bring snacks. I’m talking lots and lots of snacks! If you think you have enough, buy more! Not only will it keep them busy but it’s also beneficial during take off! If your nursing or your baby takes a bottle still, allow them to eat during take-off and landing. This will help reduce the pressure in their ears. If your kid isn’t old enough for gum yet but not taking a bottle, try a sucker or fruit snacks. Anything to help them suck/chew will help keep their ears from popping. I always make sure to chew some gum during takeoffs & landings! 

Don’t forget to buy milk, water, or juice once you get past security. You can purchase it prior to going through but security will have to check everything and it isn’t a fast process!

Keep Their Hands Busy

No matter how long your flight is, those little hands will need to stay busy. Head over to the Dollar Store and purchase new toys and books and save them for the flight. New things are so exciting to children and will keep them busy! I don’t tell them about the new goodies until we’re on the plane and pull them out one at a time. Rarely do we ever get through everything I’ve purchased! Some of my favorite things to bring for my kids on the plane are:

  • Playdough
  • Magic Water Markers (no mess and they get to color!)
  • Sticker Books
  • Flip-books
  • iPad with one or two new movies

Time Nap Time

If you play your cards right, you might even be able to time their nap times perfectly! If you have an early morning flight, keep them in jammies and they probably go back to sleep, I would! Also, if you have a late flight, try to skip the nap that day and keep them in jammies. The sound of the engine will lull them right to sleep. Emms slept through his first flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta and it was a huge stress relief! 

I have read many blogs where moms made goodie bags for the people around them. Also, I don’t believe you should have to do that. You have a baby and 90% of the people of the plane have been in your shoes. The ones who complain if a baby cries are people with no children and more than likely just plain miserable. You will be surprised how accommodating flight attendants are! They will help you out however they can, even walking your baby up and down the aisle to give you a break sometimes. I’ve had many bring us extra snacks, blankets, pillows – all without me even asking. They may be some of the kindest, most patient people around. Major props to them!  

kid in airplane How to Fly with Kids

Just remember, you are not the first mama to fly with children and you won’t be the last. You’ve got this mama! Follow me on Instagram for more updates. 

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