Within this year, we’ve seen so many new home decor trends that I’ve totally fallen in love with. From Grand Millennial style to all the retro colors and textures making their return, there are so many ways to refresh your home this year! Here is a compilation of all of the Top Decor Trends in 2022.

Top Decor Trends of 2022


More and more people are adding “thrift-shopping” to their list of hobbies this year! With more homeowners on the hunt for one-of-a-kind statement pieces, places like Goodwill and Salvation Army have seen a rise in sales. Facebook Marketplace has also been a great resource for finding those unique home decor products.

Etsy is great for custom-made or one-of-a-kind finds, and big box shops like Walmart, Target, and Amazon have also started producing vintage-inspired home decor pieces.


Color is back, and I am living for it! We’re seeing a major transition from farmhouse style with all whites, grays, and neutrals (think Joanna Gaines 2016) to warm boho and rich jewel tones. We’ve also seen more variety in colors when it comes to walls – like this black accent wall!


More and more textures are making a return! Woven-inspired pieces are being added to walls, shelves, and centerpieces. Woven baskets are making their return amongst wall art and hanging pictures. Velvet is more popular than ever – I love the velvet couches, pillows, and throws that come in every color!  Another popular new decor trends piece is the pouf – comes in leather, jute, or velvet!


The new boho theme is GREEN! Add a few plants in crocheted hangers or amongst your favorite shelf. Big fiddle leaf plants can now be found in every Target across the nation! Also, if you don’t have a green thumb, no worries! Cute faux succulents are amongst the trendiest home decor products on Amazon this year!

Wall Art

Take down that Rae Dunn and those farmhouse quotes – abstract is in. With color making a bright return into home decor, mix and match pastel and neon prints in those vintage frames!

DIY Decor Trends

We can thank the pandemic for this! So many people have started to DIY their own home decor. Taking basic shelves and drawers and adding a bright color with a gold accent piece can refresh your space this spring in the best way! Wallpaper is also trending this year, and you can add color in an easy way by grabbing a roll at your next Home Depot run!

For DIY inspiration, check out this video of the top DIY projects or this #1 best-selling book!

Easy Refreshers

Looking for a way to introduce any of these trends into your home this spring? Here are a few finds that will help you accomplish one of the top decor trends in 2022:

collage of decor trends


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