Summer: the time of year when the sun is bright and the kids are BORED. Is it just me, or do their stomachs grow 4 full sizes from the time school ends to the middle of summer? If you’re looking for some boredom busters, I’ve got you!

collage of items for boredom busters

If you have a water hose in your backyard, here are some easy boredom busters that *should* entertain those kids for hours. Slap on some sunscreen and send ’em on their way with these sure-to-please water activities!

Amazon Summer Fun: Boredom Busters

You absolutely cannot go wrong with some good old-fashioned water guns! This two-pack is perfect for siblings vs siblings, mom vs kids, mom vs dad, or make it a neighborhood event! If you have some space in your backyard, this splash pad paired with this sprinkler toy is perfect for all ages! I also love a water table – the sensory benefits are endless! Toddlers – school age can enjoy water toys in this four-sectioned toy!

If your kids are feeling sporty this summer, this tee ball set is perfect! Grab some baseball gloves and make it a party! If you’re not feeling like chasing a ball for hours, these toss and catch sets are great! Or, you can combine water with these squish baseballs for a fun new game! My kids also LOVE this spike ball set!

Who LOVES bubbles!? I am amazed at how long these will entertain littles! For your littles that are working on dexterity, this push-bubble machine is a great way to make easy-to-pop bubbles! For the bigger kids, they can create huge masterpieces with these straws!

Lastly, the boredom buster of all boredom busters. These bumper inflatables are SO FUN! Great for birthday parties, too! These are sure to make SO many memories – make sure to have the camera ready!

I hope this list of boredom busters was helpful to your summer activity list! For some summer craft ideas, check out my round-up here!

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