How many times have you found yourself with a cart full of must-haves and fun finds after going down a Tiktok hole? I know I am definitely a victim of being #influenced by some unique, new gadget. Here are the top ten Tiktok trends so far that have gone viral in 2022!

collage of tiktok trends items

TikTok Trends

Electric candle lighter

This thing is rechargeable and so reliable! No more burning through disposable lighter with each new candle purchase. I love the long neck of it so that you can even reach into those low-wick, tall candles!

Oil Sprayer

Who knew this was a must-have!? Add vegetable, olive, or coconut oil to this spray for convenient use! Only $12!

Portable Blender Bottle

Throw your favorite fruit or veggies and a splash of milk and be on your way! This portable blender bottle is easy to carry and so convenient for healthy snacks.

Battery Daddy

A place to sort your batteries? Yes, please! No more rummaging through the junk drawer for new batteries for the remote! It even comes with a battery tester to check batteries you’re not sure about!

Silicone Ice Trays

Create cute little hexagon trays for your ice! Tiktokers have been adding fruit or juice to these for fun drink mixtures!

Minimalistic Mirror Clock

The cutest little bedside clock! It has two charging ports on the side of it for convenient phone charging!

Milk Frother

With whipped coffee being one of the top Tiktok trends in 2020, the sky is the limit when it comes to coffee and drink creations. This easy-to-use frother makes created whipped, iced, or blended coffee a breeze!

Fridge Organization Container

Have anyone else ever landed themselves on Organizational-Tok for days on end? It happens when I need it the most. As a mom and wife, give me ALL the organizational secrets! These organizers can help keep your fridge nice and tidy – especially if little hands are in the kitchen constantly!

Simple Modern Tumblers

These sleek tumblers went viral last year and haven’t stopped! They fit in a cupholder perfectly and keep drinks cold for hours! So many fun color and patterned options!

Cereal Dispenser

Again, anything to stay organized! Keep cereal off your pantry and kitchen floors with this easy-to-use double dispenser! Makes breakfast time so much smoother!

Have you used any of these Tiktok trending items? Let me know in the comments below! Or, shop more of my Amazon favorites here!

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