There are many benefits of decorating your home with plants. Plants add a touch of color and nature to your space, purify the air and create a calming environment. In some cases, larger plants can act as noise-reduction in a noisy atmosphere.

It is also fun to decorate with houseplants, from succulents to spider plants. You can choose from various pots, planters, and arrangements for your beautiful greenery. The best part is, houseplants work with just about any interior design, and they can be paired with various color schemes, patterns, and even flowers.

If you are looking for a way to dress up your home, here are 5 Ways To Decorate With Plants.

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5 Ways To Decorate With Plants

Plants of Various Sizes In Clay Pots

You may be looking to keep your decor simple at first, but you want to have a little fun with your houseplants. One idea is to select two or three houseplants in several sizes to add a bit of variety to your home. It is best to choose low-maintenance houseplants to ensure you can properly care for all of them. Next, place them in plain, patterned, or painted clay pots to decorate various rooms of your home.

Place A Clay Pot Inside A Belly Basket

Another idea is to place a clay pot with a houseplant inside a belly basket. A belly basket is made of natural materials, has handles for easy carrying, and may feature a pattern. The natural materials and woven craft are perfect for most rustic, country, farmhouse, Boho chic, and modern designs. If you are worried about damaging the inside of your belly basket, you can always line it with fabric. You should also remove your plant from the belly basket when watering it.

Add A Little Charm With Wooden Planter Boxes

There is nothing like wooden planter boxes to add a little country, farmhouse or rustic charm to your home. You can use a long wooden planter box for several small houseplants, or you can invest in a planter box designed for a houseplant, mail and other accessories. Some planter boxes even come in a distressed look to enhance the rustic vibe. It is best to use a planter box indoors to avoid damage from the weather.

Try Something Different With Hanging Planters

You can also try something different by investing in hanging planters. Hanging planters are great for, but not limited to, Petunias, Fuchsias, and Begonias. It is best to hang the planters where they can easily drain without making a mess, or you can remove the plants when it is time to water them. Hanging planters are made of sturdy materials and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different plants.

Create A Unique Look With Vertical Planters

If you are looking to create a unique look with your houseplants, look no further than vertical planters. This is a great way to create a fun display without taking up a lot of space in your home. You can find vertical planters for both indoor and outdoor use to meet your needs. Depending on your indoor and outdoor space, you may decide to also use your vertical planters for herbs, vegetables, and flower arrangements.

Are you ready to create a peaceful, beautiful environment in your home? Use the above tips and accessories to decorate your home with plants.


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