Have you been looking for simple ways to go green and implement better for the earth changes in your home? While it can feel overwhelming, I have my favorite simple tips below to help you start going green.

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Easy Tips to Go Green

Start to Recycle

This tip for how to go green is so easy! Check to see if your area offers a recycling center or recycling pickup. If they do, you’re in business. Start separating your paper, plastic, glass, and more from your actual trash. Keep it in a separate bin and on pickup days (or drop off days) take them in their separate bins. Some places require everything to be separated, while others just have you dump it all in in one go.

Use reusable products

Paper towels are so easy to use, I get it. But they can be incredibly wasteful. We don’t buy them and haven’t in years. Instead we use flour sack towels or reusable “paper towels” that all just get tossed in the wash when we’re done.

I don’t buy plastic storage bags, like Ziploc. I buy the washable alternatives. They last forever and are a cinch to clean up! We shop at Aldi a lot, which means we bring in reusable tote bags as well. I have a variety that I always keep in my car but you can grab durable ones from almost anywhere. 

Skip the Fabric Softener

We haven’t used fabric softener in years, in part because we have allergies and sensitive skin in our house. Instead of using traditional liquid fabric softener, we use wool balls! It skips the plastic packaging, the unnecessary scents, and saves money in the long run because you aren’t constantly buying new fabric softener. We love this brand and that they’re less than $10! This may be one of the easiest tips to go green. 

Buy secondhand

Skip buying new! This one is hard for a lot of people, but I grew up wearing hand-me-down’s and shopping at consignment stores so it’s never phased me. Instead of buying brand new from retailers, check out Facebook marketplace & BST groups, ThredUp, local consignment stores, thrift shops like Goodwill and more. You can not only find amazing deals on everything from clothing but also accessories, home decor, and more.

Cloth Diaper

Have little ones in diapers? Use cloth diapers or nature friendly brands that use less chemicals and more renewable resources in their products. You can find new budget friendly cloth diapers on Amazon or check cloth diaper BST groups on Facebook. Some children’s consignment stores even carry brand new diapers! Pampers just released a new hybrid alternative that produces less waste, so that is always an option as well.

Drive Less

Well this one has been easier since 2020 for the majority of us, but using less gas is always a good thing! It is not only better for the environment to have less vehicles on the road, but it’s also a money saver. That’s a definite win. If possible, walk or ride a bike, carpool, and utilize delivery or pickup options.

While these are all easier to implement tips for how to go green in your home, they’re also great budget savers. There are other ways to go green, like using an electric friendly car, and growing your own food, but these are simple tips almost everyone can implement.

Enjoy these tips to go green?

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