Halloween can be a pretty stressful holiday as a mom. There are usually class parties, trick or treating, and so many different Halloween-themed activities going on. This year, instead of trying to be the mom who does it all, why not simplify your Halloween season? Instead, this year focus on having a “lazy mom” approach, using these easy Halloween ideas.This will not only help reduce some of that Halloween stress but help you enjoy more of your Halloween season. Here is the perfect way to skip the chaos, enjoy the season as much as possible and maybe not spend entirely too much money.

The lazy (aka time saving) mama’s guide to an easy and fun Halloween! Some tips to implement to save stress & avoid the mom guilt.

Keep your decorations simple, or go without

Not decorating for Halloween might seem like a crime. The reality is that decorating for Halloween can be a lot of work! If you don’t want to deal with the stress of taking out all the Halloween decorations, don’t! Trust me, your standard fall decor will work just fine, and it can be used through the Thanksgiving season too! If you want to decorate for Halloween, consider ordering a few things online from Amazon  and then adding a few small touches to your home instead. Seriously, we only have a few small decorations because our home just isn’t large enough to have themed decor everywhere. I’ve ordered things from Amazon and Decor Steals. Both have a range of affordable decor that you can reuse every year, which we all want to do, right?! 

Order your Halloween necessities online!

Whether you are looking for Halloween costumes or even candy, order online! There are a ton of great deals online, and you’ll be able to get precisely what you need! Instead of fighting with your kids at the store, or realizing that what they want to be this year doesn’t come in their size, save yourself the trouble and hassle and do it online this year. All about making it easier!

My two go-to places are Amazon & Target to save time. Typically there’s a better selection when you shop in September, and with how things are right now, I would definitely try to shop earlier than later. 

Time and sanity saving tips to make this your most low key and relaxed, but still fun Halloween season!

Reuse old costumes

There is no reason you have to go out and buy a new costume every single year! Instead, reuse some of the old costumes that you already have! I’m willing to bet that at least one of those costumes would still work, and even be just as fresh as it was then. Witches and pirates are the same every year, so pick something simple and then continue to have your kids wear it year after year to make things easy.

Savannah has SO many princess costumes that are barely worn, so she reused one for Halloween last year! If you want to buy a new to you one, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, check out your local children’s consignments stores or check out ThredUp. If you use this link and are a first time customer, you can get $10 off! 


Keep your Halloween fun plans to a minimum

There are usually a lot of Trunk or Treat’s, Halloween parties, and other Halloween activities during this time of year. Instead of trying to do it all, pick just a few activities that will work well for your family! This will save you not only stress but allow you to savor those activities! There will be some events you can’t get out of like a classroom party, so keep these in mind too. We used to do ALL.THE.THINGS & it was just so overwhelming. Now we do just a few- classroom parties and trick or treating on Halloween. Last year, the kids had a few friends over for a small party the weekend beforehand. So chill, but so fun! This year we’re a bit undecided as to what we’ll be doing, but I know it will be a memorable one for sure.

With covid, a lot of Halloween activities have been cancelled so maybe doing a fun neighborhood Halloween drive by trick or treating parade would be a great & easy way to spend the holiday! Many corn mazes are looking to be open with limited hours, so check around for local ones & see what they’re doing as well.


Put your Halloween plans on easy mode

Want to watch a Halloween movie with your kids? Why not just scroll through the hundreds that will pop up on Netflix and Amazon every October? Looking for a Halloween cookie? Instead of making your own, grab a dozen from the store! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every Halloween, and you can still have all of your Halloween favorites without all the work. I love to order cookies from local moms who run cookie businesses from their homes, so make sure you do a quick search on Facebook or Instagram! Check out the hashtags #cookiedecorating or #homebaker, as well as geotags in your city to find local bakers. If you’re in Omaha, NE try LJ’s Sweets and Treats. 

If you’d like to make sweets, try these easy recipes from my favorite food bloggers!

S’mores Cookies from The Cookie Rookie – my kid’s love this recipe!

Frosted Keto Cookies  – so delicious if you’re low carb, keto or gluten free.

Graveyard Rice Krispie Treats are a perfect way to dress up plain rice krispies!


Whether you’re just feeling a little time crunched this Halloween or you are striving for a little less chaos this year, hopefully these ideas will help you have a fun and easy Halloween season. 


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