Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want a fun new mocktail to try, you’re going to love this simple recipe for mock champagne. It has all the fizzy fun of traditional champagne without the alcohol. That means it’s the perfect drink for a kid-friendly celebration or even a baby shower. With so many reasons to enjoy this delicious mocktail, there’s no excuse not to make it today!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want a fun new mocktail to try, you’re going to love this simple recipe for mock champagne

Ingredients for Mock Champagne

The beauty of this simple mocktail is that you only need two ingredients to make it! To create your own faux champagne, you’ll need:

Ginger ale to give the drink some carbonation and fizziness.
White grape juice to create the flavor of champagne.

That’s it! With those two simple ingredients you can make your own mock champagne in a matter of minutes.

How to Make a Champagne Mocktail

To make champagne mocktails at home, simply combine the two ingredients together into a large pitcher or punch bowl. Stir to mix the ingredients, then place the pitcher in the refrigerator to chill until you’re ready to serve.

Serve your mock champagne cold to give the impression that you’re enjoying real champagne. Or serve the drink over ice if you want the flavor or champagne but aren’t worried about appearances!

How to Make a Single Serving

Instead of making a full batch of mock champagne, you can easily create your own single serving champagne mocktail at home. To make on serving of mock champagne, you’ll need:

8 ounces ginger ale
4 ounces white grape juice

Pour the drink into a shaker filled with ice, then strain into a glass and enjoy!

When to Serve Mock Champagne

This quick and easy recipe makes between eight and 10 drinks, making it perfect for any celebration. But if you need an excuse to enjoy this fun mocktail, you could serve it at a:

New Year’s Eve celebration. The most obvious choice for serving this fun drink is at a New Year’s Eve party. This would be a great drink to serve the kids at the event while the adults enjoy their own alcoholic beverages.
Baby shower. Since the mother-to-be can’t drink alcohol, make sure she has a safe way to enjoy the party by whipping up a champagne mocktail for her to drink! This kid-friendly drink is also a great choice for younger party goers to drink at the event.
Birthday party. Let your party guests toast the guest of honor with this fun fizzy drink! It’s a great way to let kids celebrate by creating a special drink for the special occasion.
Mock Champagne

Serves 8-10


1 2-liter bottle ginger ale

4 cups white grape juice


1. Mix ingredients together in a large pitcher and chill before serving.

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