Minimalist bohemian living room is becoming more and more popular. Combine it with the ever rising popularity of bohemian style and you’ve got the perfect calming living room space. You and all of your guests are sure to enjoy it!

Minimalist Bohemian living Room with large frame, indoor plants, and table

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Minimalist Bohemian Living Room

What is Bohemian style?

According to Wikipediabohemian style came about from “people who live unconventional and usually artistic lifestyles.” It’s a colorful type of style and home decor that is relaxed, colorful, and has fluid lines. If you enjoy plants, color, and mixing patterns, this style of decor is perfect for you!

What is minimalist style?

I love minimalist style! Be it home decor or fashion, it’s all about simplifying things. Skip the excess trinkets and excessive throw pillows with this style and keep it streamlined and simple. It’s a great way to decorate regardless of your home size and eliminates the stress that comes from having too much clutter around you.

Minimalist bohemian living room  with indoor plants and pillowcases

Where do I find the perfect minimalist bohemian living room pieces?

You are in luck! Bohemian home decor is booming in popularity right now, so it’s easy to find these days. Check your local thrift stores for baskets, vintage blankets or wall tapestries to use in your living room.

To get that colorful vibe that’s so popular with bohemian style, paint a wall or two a fabulous shade of green, black or vibrant purple. You can skip a lot of wall art that way and stick to the perfect minimalist bohemian living room look that way.

Amazon has a slew of amazing and affordable minimalist bohemian living room pieces. You can check out eBay, Target, Etsy, and Walmart as well.

What pieces should I use to decorate a minimalist bohemian living room?

Skip the excess with this style of decor! While the bohemian keeps it warm and inviting, the minimalist aspect keeps it from straying from relaxing to cluttered. Start with the basics!

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    A Minimalist Bohemian Living room incorporates the elements of both bohemian and minimalist staples. The Bohemian design comprises colorful and intricate patterns, and various textures and materials while going very close to maximalism. On the other hand, a minimalist design style uses a lack of clutter, clean lines, and prioritizing simplicity.

    A minimalist Bohemian décor style is a trendy hybrid design that neither feels overwhelming nor too cluttered, but at the same time, uses various colors and textures to bring in a sense of personality. These are good for people who aren’t afraid to play with various patterns, textures, and colors, but at the same time, like to have a contemporary design that keeps things neutral and isn’t overly fussy.


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