Finding new clothes for moms that are cute and affordable can feel impossible. Not only do we not have a lot of time, but moms need clothes that can be used in multiple situations. When we aren’t running around the park, we are making snacks. The trick is to find cute clothes for moms that are affordable online, like on Amazon. 


I took some time and made this roundup of some of my favorite mom clothes for this summer all under $25. 

Cute Summer Clothes for Moms

Want so see what made the list? Keep reading…

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Mama Life Zip Up Pullover


I just love the idea of wearing this zip up pullover all summer long when the sun goes down and it starts to get a little chilly. You can sit next to the fire roasting marshmallows in this adorable and cozy Mama Life sweatshirt. 


Buy now so you don’t regret it later. 

Mama Life Zip Up Pullover

Low Battery T-Shirt


This silly shirt is the perfect shirt to communicate with other moms how exhausted you are without having to express it. Build comradery with your fellow moms all summer long with how challenging mom life can be with this simple fashion statement. 

Cute clothes for moms | Low Battery T-Shirt

Women’s Joggers


These womens joggers come in some fun and basic prints, so no matter what type of mom you are planning on being this summer, you are covered. Want to wear leopard print? This flattering jogger has it. Looking for a grey to blend in at the park? Here you go.

Women’s Joggers


Amazon Essentials T-Shirt


I am not going to lie to you- I own this T-shirt in every single color. I wore it pre-pregnancy & wear them pregnant too! In fact, I think that every Mom should own this T-Shirt in every single color! The fit is great, the styles are so cute that you feel put together, and the price is perfect for when you get peanut butter fingerprints all over it that it’s easy enough to change. 


Now that is a win-win.  

Amazon Essentials T-Shirt

High Waisted Jean Shorts


Thank goodness high waisted shorts are still available this summer- am I right? This summer, be fashionable and comfortable with these adorable jean shorts. 


Unlike other high waisted shorts, they don’t ride up or are so short that you show a little too much of your backside. At this price, you might want to order a few pairs!

Cute summer clothes under $25 | High Waisted Jean Shorts

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Short Sleeve Jumper


This short sleeve jumper is one of those outfits that you will wear over and over again, all summer long. Not only is the cut super flattering, but it is a super easy way to help you look put together when you only have a few minutes to get ready. 


I grabbed a few in different colors to wear over my bathing suit on beach days, play dates, and all the random simmer adventures that you’ll embark on! I love it the long version & shorts version so much that I bought both too. 


In Summary


Finding cute clothes for moms this summer doesn’t have to be impossible and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank! These clothes are all under $25 and will help you feel cute and put together for your most confident summer ever. 

Cute spring clothes under $25

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