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I can’t believe it’s been a month since my previous post! Time has just slipped by me. With that being said, this post is all beauty. Almost everyone has their favorite products and these are my *absolute* must haves on my vanity. These products range from ones you can get at Ulta or Sephora to ones you need to buy from a consultant. I get all of my Beauty Counter pretties from Susan. She’s my go to girl!


I’m wearing my must have lip gloss, highlighter & mascara in this. 💄

I am obsessed with this eye shadow palette and highlighter! They’re amazing and I always find myself reaching for them. You can find these silky shadows here.
This moisturizer is just….sigh. I have no words. Absolutely worth the price and it lasts forever!  Amazon has it for a pretty decent price right now.
Everything I’ve tried from Urban Decay I’ve loved, but their lipsticks are my favorite. Creamy and not drying, long lasting, fantastic pigment…I could keep going on, but you get my point. I picked up my particular favorite shade from Sephora. Funny story-years ago my mom, older brother & I were walking through a mall in DC. My older brother sees an ad for Ulta on the wall and goes “There’s your favorite makeup, Rotten Garbage!!” He honestly thought that was the company name. Y’all, my mom & I about died laughing.
I love everything Beauty Counter, but their lip glosses are sheer, not sticky/tacky feeling, glossy perfection. You can find these pretties here.
I bought this because I had been told it was a dupe for Better than Sex, which I love. Y’all, this one is better! Of course I like the price a lot more, but it elongates my stubby little lashes and makes them look a million times better. Right now Ulta has a 2 for $12.99 holiday deal going on!
I’m in my 30s with 3 kids, so I’m obviously not getting much sleep and my skin isn’t as bright as it was a decade ago. This CC cream totally camouflages that (& my pores!) and makes it look as if I’ve actually slept well. It lasts, doesn’t get greasy and rarely settles in lines. I’ve tried less expensive CC creams, but I keep coming back to this one. It’s an Allure winner for a reason y’all! This pretty can be found here.



Alright y’all, that’s about it {for now! I do love my products}. Make sure to stop on by later this week as I share house progress & my must have cornbread dressing recipe {I’m southern. No holiday is complete with my grandmother’s dressing!} for Turkey Day.

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