How to Declutter Before Decorating for


Decluttering your house can seem like a huge task, especially before the fall and holiday seasons when you want to redecorate. Here are some expert tips for decluttering your home that make decluttering easy!


Tips for Decluttering

Your first step is to pick a room and remove all of the clutter. Stick it in another room for the time being. I mean everything!


I suggest doing all of this in one go. Don't spread it out or odds are it'll get too overwhelming or you'll lose motivation to finish. Get it all one in one day, so choose what you're decluttering as something you can do in a day/weekend.


Once all of the clutter is out of the room, start organizing. Make piles of what will go where when you reorganize, what will be stored away, and what will be donated. Keep the piles seperate!


Leave as little maybe piles as you can. I suggest 0. You're either keeping something or getting rid of it. When it doubt, I say it's time to donate unless it's a family hierloom.


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