Are you looking for something easy to make for dinner tonight? Instant Pot dinner recipes are the perfect option to make something delicious and easy at home that won’t take a lot of work! Whether you just got a new pressure cooker that you’ve been dying to try, or you are tired of the same old recipes that you saved to Pinterest years ago, there is always a reason to look for new recipes! These dinner or lunch recipes are perfect for busy nights or something new to add to your meal plan this week! Here are 20 Instant Pot recipes that are perfect for making for lunch or dinner.

instant pot dinner recipes

Instant Pot Dinner Recipes




If you like traditional lasagna, you’ll love this easy to make soup version as well!

If you’ve never made pulled pork in the instant pot, you’re in for a treat! This is tender, delicious and perfect for bbq sandwiches.

Good enough to serve to company, but simple enough to make on a chaotic weeknight. So good!

Get your veggies in with this recipe, perfect when a Mexican food craving hits!

Soup is a simple but tasty lunch or dinner year round. With this recipe you can have a bowl ready in no time!

A fan of pesto? This recipe is for you! A simply wonderful instant pot dinner recipe, this will appease anyone craving Italian.

Skip the extra work with traditional tamales and save some time with this yummy recipe!

Spaghetti and Meatballs is a classic that just got substantially easier thanks to the Instant Pot!

Dare I say this is better than Olive Garden’s classic soup? Hearty, delicious and perfect when served with a piece of crusty bread!

No more dry chicken here! By cooking your chicken breast in the instant pot you can rest assured your chicken is juicy and succulent.

Healthy, hearty and quick? Yes! With this Whole 30 recipe, you get all of that!

Just like grandma used to make for Sunday dinner, except much faster!

Following a keto or low carb diet? This protein packed white chicken chili is just what you need! An instant pot dinner recipe win!

If you love a meaty lasagna, this simple recipe is for you!

Better than your local deli, this homemade Broccoli Cheddar Soup is a hearty classic. Just as delicious at home!

Skip your boring weeknight chicken recipe and make it this way next time!

When you’re craving something hearty and delicious, these Instant Pot Pork Chops will really hit the spot.

A classic, this Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie is simply wonderful.

Instant Pot Ham with Veggies is a great holiday option or special occasion meal.

Perfect for Taco Tuesday, this delicious Carnitas recipe is packed with flavor.

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