Simple Closet Organization Tips

for Moms

Looking for some easy, realistic, and functional tips for organizing your closet? Here is a collection of great closet organization tips that will help you finally organize your closet this weekend!

Tips for Organizing Your Closet



Color code your closet Organize your closet by colors instead of type to help you find what you’re looking for easier.


Get rid of clothes you don’t need These could be those workout clothes you don’t fit into anymore or that dress that is no longer as flattering as it used to be.


Store seasonal clothes until you need them Don’t keep winter clothes sitting on hangers during the summer.


Use labeled bins for storing items Store everything from shoes to seasonal tops you only wear once a year in a labeled bin at the top of your closet.


Invest in a way to store your shoes Whether it’s a drawer, rack, or even an entire organizer designed for shoe storage, find some way to store your shoes.


Turn your hangers Hang up your clothes like normal, then whenever you wear something, turn the hanger in the opposite direction. At the end of the season, get rid of anything that hasn’t been turned!


Don’t waste your wall and door space If you are working with a small space, don’t be afraid to use the back of a door or even an unused wall in your closet.


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