Popular Anthropologie Home Decor


Looking for some cute and viral Anthropologie dupes that are cheap? Here are some of the best affordable Anthro dupes from Amazon and Etsy in Home Decor options that are viral on TikTok!

Popular Anthropologie Home Decor Dupes



This colorful patterned blanket from Anthropologie has a sister blanket from Amazon with the same vibe for less.


These modern colorful glass candle holders from Anthropologie are super fun and this dupe candle holder from Amazon is the same for less!


Love the look of the wrapped glass vase on the left from Anthro? The one from Amazon on the right has the same vibe!


These homemade looking napkins from Anthropologie have a sister that are actually homemade from Etsy!


If you love colored pillows, these Amazon dupes for the colored Anthropologie pillows are worth the money!


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