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How to Create a Coastal Boho Vibe Home


Wondering how to add some coastal boho decor inspiration to your home? Here is some fabulous coastal boho home decor style to your home easily in five easy tips!

Let’s get started!

Change your rug. Add color! You’ll love a vibrant, eye-catching design like the blue one above or the link one below.


Remove clutter. Sounds easy, right? Unless you want to lean into a maximalist style, this look is best not overly crowded with pieces


Add greenery. Plants add so much life to a space and they are perfect for the boho aspect of this style! If you don’t have a green thumb, use faux plants.


Add some neutrals. Throw pillows, blankets, accent chairs- they can all be shades of cream, blues, grays, etc


Incorporate more natural elements, like woven baskets, rattan furniture, jute ottomans, etc.