Easy Tips for Dressing with a

Mom Belly

Dressing your mom bod is easy with a few adjustments to keep in mind. If you're wanting to hide, or minimize, your mom belly, here are the best flattering tips for dressing your new mom belly that hide it well!


Easy Style Tips for Mom Bods

Wear higher waisted pants. They’ll keep it all smoothed down, so you’ll look good and feel good too!


Make sure your clothes are the right size. That size is does not define you. Dress your size and you’ll feel like a million dollars when you look in the mirror.


Wear the right undergarments. Wearing the right undergarments is key to a smooth fit!


Wear fabrics with more give. This tip may sound a bit random, but wear pants, skirts, etc with fabric that have a bit more stretch.


Look for A-line or other similar cuts. A-line dresses have that perfect fit and flare, where it’s fitted from shoulder to waist, then flare out.


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