Easy Bathroom Organization


Organizing your bathroom is made simple with this list of easy and effective tips for organizing your bathroom in one day! These bathroom organization tips will help you keep a clean and organized bathroom easily!


Simple Bathroom Organization Tips

Hanging Baskets: Hanging baskets are affordable (you can even use wire “trash cans” from the dollar store) and an easy way to prevent clutter and maximize storage space in your bathroom.

Hanging Towel Rack: Hang a towel rack on the inside of your door if you don’t already have one there. It will create more space for toiletries and towels while taking up less visual space in the room.

Trays for Storage:  Tiered trays are cute and serve a purpose: they double the storage space on your countertops.

Mason Jars: Mason jars are excellent for refilling and organizing home décor items. They’re also perfect for storing small items like q-tips, makeup sponges, cotton balls, band-aids and more.

Drawer Organizers: If you have drawers, use drawer dividers (they look like the ones we use for utensils in the kitchen) inside the drawers to maximize the space you have as well.

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