Beautiful Coastal Vibe Home Decor

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Looking for some new and trendy coastal inspired home decor that is also affordable? Here are the best cheap and trendy coastal vibe home decor items that will bring the essence of the coast to your living room!


Trendy Coastal Home Decor

This Nicole Miller Patio Country Ayana Rug is the prettiest shade of blue and adds excellent contrast if you already have neutral furniture.


I love this Floor Wood Mirror because it has a distressed look that is very popular in traditional western and coastal decor.


I am a huge fan of rattan features such as this Wicker Wall Decor set of 9 that makes for a great gallery wall.


This Chenille Tufted All-Season Bedding is a great start, and it’s not too in your face but subtly emphasizes all the colors we’ll be adding.


These simple Boho Drink Coasters that are small details but too perfect to pass up.


If you are obsessed with the coastal vibe, this Elama Round Stoneware Luxurious Mellow Dinnerware Dish Set is just what you’re looking for.


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