Back to School Money Saving


Saving money is harder than ever but here are some realistically simple ways to save money in your everyday life. These easy money saving tips are helpful for families and easy enough to help you start to save a little bit of money when living paycheck to paycheck.


How to Save Money this Back to School Season

Don’t Spend What You Don’t Have This sounds obvious, but take it seriously. You don't have to buy the kids everything under the sun to prep for school. Do what you can.

 Shop Sales There are tons of sales this time of year, and throughout the rest of the year. Wait to shop them. You don't need everything right this second!

Meal Plan Meal plans are a must with the back to school season. Not only do they make the evenings easier, they save you so much money!

Shop Second Hand There is no shame in shopping second hand. If your child pouts over it, maybe have a conversation with them about it. Be honest with them.

Utilize Free to Low Cost Entertainment Make use of the free (or cheap) stuff, always! Instead of going out to the movies, rent a movie at home and make your own snacks.

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