Tips for Dressing Your Mom


Struggling with learning how to dress your mom belly? There are some great tips out there for learning how to dress your new mom belly and I have included five of the best tips in this post!

Best Tips for Dressing Your Mom Pooch



Wearing higher waisted pants not only will be more comfortable for you, but they will hide your mom belly!

Wear High(er) Waisted Pants

Feeling the most confident in your clothes comes with wearing the right size. Make sure you are buying your correct size in order to dress your body more comfortably!

Wear the Right Size

Wearing the right underwear and bras goes a long way when it comes to flattering your figure!

Wear the Right Undergarments

This tip may sound a bit random, but wear pants, skirts, etc with fabric that have a bit more stretch. They’ll not only feel more comfortable, but they’re more forgiving when it comes to our bodies.

Wear Fabrics with More Give

For me, personally, if a dress is “too” tight, it’s not comfortable and is too snug on my lower belly… Thus why I always recommend A-Line cut dresses.

Wear A Line or Similar Cut Dresses

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