The hubs & I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary in September.

So I decided to surprise him with a vow renewal this summer! For the majority of our marriage he’s been away on our anniversary – deployments, trainings, etc… so I knew I needed to do it a bit earlier.





Since we’re currently in Minnesota, I used an amazing wedding planning company in Savannah to do the bulk of the work. Tracy Brisson of Savannah Custom Weddings was an absolute joy to work with. She typically does elopements and small weddings, however they do the occasional renewal. I loved that it’s a woman owned business and just how open she is. It was important for me to work with someone whose views I aligned with, so finding her was just wonderful.




The package I chose included an hour with an amazing photographer that we absolutely adored. Not only does Megan of It’s Megan Jones do weddings, she also shoots the most gorgeous glamour photos & has an improv troop! Say what?! I know- that’s awesome.

We didn’t have a professional photographer      from our wedding eons ago, so getting those images was incredibly important to me. She took photos during the ceremony and then we wandered around Monterrey Square & Forsyth to get photos.




While Tracy does perform a lot of ceremonies, this is no way she could do them all! She has a fabulous team of women who work with her, Buffy being one of them. She was wonderful. We loved having her do the ceremony! I wanted a way to incorporate the kids, so we did a sand ceremony. I ordered everything off Amazon for it the weekend before…because why not wait until last minute?!




I took senior prom photos in front of the fountain at Forsyth Park, so I had to have these photos taken there as well! It’s one of the most photographed spots in Savannah and it’s absolutely gorgeous.


And of course, everyone’s outfit except for Chris’s came from Amazon. I don’t think they can legally issue dress uniforms on there. 😉



One of the many many perks of working with Tracy & her team is that they have connections with incredibly talented people. Savannah & I both had beautiful bouquets made possible by one of the florists they work with. Chairs? Taken care of by a local company they work with that provides them as rentals. Makeup? Oh my goodness y’all, Shea of of Shea Hollister Hair & Makeup did both my hair & makeup. She drove out to my parent’s place where I was getting ready and did an amazing job. I gave incredibly vague comments about what I like and she nailed it. I’ve never loved my makeup so much! She does more than weddings, so if you’re in the area- reach out to her. You’ll love her! 💄


We ended the day with lunch at Vic’s On The River and lunch couldn’t have been anymore amazing! I worked with them all via email- contracts, payment, menu planning, etc… The cake was from Gigi’s Cupcakes of Savannah and it was absolutely delicious. 🧁

Thanks to Tracy and her team, even the most minute details were taken care of. From sending me the information about the permit for the park space to handling the actual ceremony writing, nothing was missed.


If you’re ever thinking about doing a renewal, do it! It’s so much fun. There was absolutely no stress involved and we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. It was a wonderful experience and now Chris is planning for our 20th. 😂



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