How do you create a positive morning routine with a never-ending to-do list? Most of us don’t have the option to move to Bali and live in a hut over the Indian Ocean, so I try and stick to a morning routine to set myself up for success in my personal life and for my business.


The Night Before

My mornings start off best when I prep the night before. The first room I walk into when I start my day is the kitchen – if I don’t do the dishes the night before, it adds frustration the second I see the dishes, crumbs, fruit snack wrappers sitting around. I take 15 minutes after I put the kids to bed and get the kitchen cleaned up, setting out my favorite mug next to the coffee maker. Going to bed with a clean kitchen is the best feeling ever, am I right?

Wakey Wakey

I know…I KNOW sleep is precious, BUT so is time for yourself. I wake up a few hours before my family does to have me time and to get a head start on my business. Those 2-3 hours of quiet working time feel like DAYS when you have children! You won’t regret it. Trust me. Make your coffee, tea, smoothie, whatever it is that you start your day off with and enjoy the quiet for about ten minutes, then dive into work.

After you have given yourself ten minutes, do something that will get your mind or body active. If you are slow to wake up, 15 minutes of yoga or meditation may not seem like enough to really impact your life, but it will give you a mindset that will change your life! If you like to be more active and energetic in the morning, put on your favorite dancing music and have a dance party around your living room with yourself. It’s impossible not to smile when you are doing something fun and silly!

Brain dump

After I am fully awake, I like to make a brain dump of everything I have to do that day. It gets all of my thoughts, ideas, and to-do’s, on paper and allows me to prioritize.

When you have a morning routine, it just gets you off on the right foot. You will have a successful morning and that always leads to a successful productive day.

What are some of the things y’all do during the morning to set your day up?

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