Ready for a super easy, but incredibly delicious treat? These adorable spooky ghost cupcakes are perfect to make for an afternoon snack, dessert or party treat with your kids!

three ghost Halloween Cupcakes

I know pumpkin and apples are the most popular fall flavors, but sometimes a simple cupcake is just as delicious! If you have anyone in your family who is anti-pumpkin spice, these cupcakes are perfect! Made with vanilla cake mix and vanilla frosting, this is your general and easy cupcake recipe!

ingredients for Halloween Cupcakes

Grab your favorite cake mix and favorite frosting with ingredients required on the box and you’re pretty much set! I love using Wilton products for actual decoration. The gel food colors really give amazing and vibrant colors, which you definitely want for this fun Halloween themed treat.

dough for Halloween Cupcakes orange cupcakes

How fun would these be for a family friendly Halloween party?! Adorable and spooky Halloween cupcakes with grape “eyes”, hotdog “fingers”, spaghetti “innards” and a jello mold shaped like a brain. Can you tell I loved going to Halloween parties as a kid? 😉

If parties aren’t your thing, having these for dessert after dinner one night would be fabulous! Make these with your kids for a fun fall cooking afternoon.

Do your kids love all things Halloween related? Mine definitely do! They ask almost everyday starting in August when they get to go trick or treating. I don’t blame them. I used to love trick or treating as a child! The best neighborhoods would be the ones who gave out canned soda and full size candy bars.

Sweet and Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Items Needed:

Your favorite vanilla cake mix or homemade recipe
Your favorite vanilla icing or buttercream recipe
Wilton Gel Food colors – these allow for very vibrant coloring
Wilton Candy Corn Ghosts


Using a large bowl mix up your favorite cake mix according to directions. When fully mixed use the red and yellow gel coloring to reach a desired shade of vibrant orange. Fill cupcake liners with vibrant orange batter and bake.
While your cupcakes are cooling mix vanilla icing with the violet gel color to reach desired shade of purple.
Use an angled spatula, ice cupcakes
Place Ghost and Candy Corn decoration on top of cupcake.
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Halloween cupcakes with ghost toppings


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