If you don’t have money to travel, going on a staycation can be a great way to get away a budget! You don’t have to give up the ability to take a vacation just because you’re living on a tight budget! If you are unable to travel because of a tight budget, use this guide to plan a fun staycation at home on a budget!

Visit a Local Park

Many parks are free, but if you live near a national park, you may have to wait for a free day. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a day at the park! Look at your park’s recreational calendar as well for fun activities such as concerts or festivals that might be happening during your staycation.

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Be a Tourist in Your Town

You may have lived in your city your entire life, but I’m willing to bet there are plenty of places you’ve never been to! Head out there and explore your city! Plan a few paid activities that you’d like to do, and take advantage of a local’s discount when you can. Some restaurants might even give you a local’s discount, so ask before you go!

Visit Local Attractions

This one might cost a little money, but depending on how you plan, you can still have an enjoyable day on a budget! Do you have a water park or amusement park nearby? Visit some of the local attractions in your city and enjoy a day spent seeing the sites of your city! These attractions might have midweek specials you can take advantage of to save some money and provide your family with quality entertainment on your staycation.

Prepare Food for your “Trip” Ahead of Time

Plan some meal ideas for a few days or even months leading up to your staycation. Having freezer meals on hand means you can enjoy all the perks of not having to cook on vacation while not having to go out to eat and spend that extra money! The next time you make lasagna or casserole, double it and put one in the freezer. This will also mean less clean up while you are on vacation so you can enjoy yourself!

Plan at Least One Day With No Plans

The point of doing this is to be on vacation! This means that you will want to include a few days or times with no plans! This gives you a chance to sleep in, stay up late, or go at your own pace without any other obligations weighing on you or your family. It might seem hard to do since the point of this entire vacation is to take time off, but you may find that what you need most is the chance to do nothing. This is an often forgotten perk of going on vacation, so make sure you plan at least one day with a lot of flexibility.


You don’t need a lot of money to have a relaxing time off! These tips can help you plan a great vacation without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

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