It’s that time of the year again, and I’m super excited to do some fun fall family activities. You can’t beat going to the pumpkin patch with your family. I know it was one of my favorite traditions as a child. This is also the time to start planning your annual family photos to send out to friends and family. I highly recommend taking your pictures in a pumpkin patch, you can’t beat the scenery, and the colors would look amazing for fall. I have picked some super cute outfits for the family to look falltastic!

Family Photos

Mom’s Outfit

I have said this before, but mom’s outfit usually sets the standard for the rest of the family, so I always like to find cute dresses. For starters, this Free Assembly Women’s Sleeveless Tall Neck Ribbed Sweater Mini Dress is the perfect fall pumpkin patch moment. To make this outfit even better, I found this Scoop Adult Women’s Brown Rancher Hat that matches perfectly. Since these are outside photos, I think boots are the best option, and these ANINE BING Mid Calf Tania Boots are stunning. If you are not for all orange, this Winter Cream Cable Knit Mini Sweater Dress is also perfect for contrasting the colors in the pumpkin patch.

Dad’s Outfit

I recommend sticking to neutral warm colors with pops of darker items for the pumpkin patch to make the outfits pop. Dark wash jeans always look more dressed up, and these Wow Boot-Cut Non-Stretch Jeans for Men are great for this photo-op. I saw this Striped Long-Sleeve Rotation T-Shirt and thought the colored stripes were the perfect amount of detail to match all the pumpkins. For a more dressed-up look, I think this Long Sleeve Polo Sweater is a great option and is a staple piece for keeping.

For the Kiddos

I found some really cute options for the girls, and I think they are the perfect pumpkin patch outfits. These Cotton Corduroy Overalls are the cutest thing ever; I can’t think of a better on-theme option. On the more traditional side, this Kids Orange Floral Midi Dress has all the perfect colors for this occasion. I found this Shawl-Collar Sweater-Fleece for the boys that match dad’s outfit perfectly. Nothing is more fall than a good flannel, and this Plaid Flannel Utility Pocket Shirt has all the perfect colors!

I’m completely obsessed with all of these looks and can’t wait to recreate some of these looks with my own family! Tell me some of your favorite fall traditions with your family in the comments! I hope you were able to draw some outfit inspiration for your own, and If you liked any of these options, you can shop them here:

Enjoy this fall printable and check off the pumpkin patch once y’all go!
Pumpkin patch - fall bucket list printable - sandee booth

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