May Favorites! We all go through products and items that we love. I have a few that I use all.the.time & some that are new favorites, so I wanted to share them here. {These may contain affiliate links. They come at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!}

If you follow along on my Instagram or Facebook, you already know how much I love Etsy. I have some favorite shops on there that I’m constantly getting goodies from because they’re just SO cute! Not only that, I love knowing that I’m helping support a small business. Entrepreneurs for the win!

I’m also basic, so you know I love Target & Amazon. 🤣


Etsy Favorites 

May favorites from Etsy

This personalized glass coffee mug is so gorgeous! It’s advertised more as a bridesmaids gift, but it’s honestly perfect for anyone. Chris broke this one…so I bought another one. It’s just that cute.

Want to grab one for yourself or your best friend? Go here to grab one!

May favorites from Etsy

I’ve mentioned before that I love coffee cups and tumblers… No shame, I own 4 of the 6 above cups in that collage. Water, iced or hot coffee, sipping a Diet Coke or Liquid IV… all of these are perfect for varied beverages! I hand wash all of these – not by choice, but because I have no dishwasher. I’d still recommend hand washing so they stay as pretty as possible for as long as possible.

Pick up a mug or tumbler here.

May favorites from Etsy

The kids LOVE balloons. Ok, so do Chris & I. This kit is the perfect way to spend a few hours entertaining your kids or yourself! We had so much fun playing with these. It was absolutely adorable watching them giggle & shriek.

All the balloon fun here.

Amazon Favorites

The majority of things I purchase from Amazon aren’t things I share on my social media or blog too often. Toilet paper, dog food, etc.. But I do get a few things I love to share + that I also love to use!

May favorites from amazon

Sugar Bear Hair has a super tasty line of gummy vitamins! I used them last year, loved them and forgot to order more. When I stress, my hair suffers so I ordered a 3 month supply from Amazon. These taste great and work so well!

Get your vitamins here. 

May favorites from Amazon
I saw this gorgeous rug in a home decor group on Facebook. Anyone else spend too much time scrolling them?! No? Just me? Anyway, someone shared this and I knew we needed it for our new place! It’s just as gorgeous in person and it’s HUGE. This is 7’10 x 9’10 and – get this – it’s only $94. WHAT?! I know, it’s amazing.

Get your gorgeous, affordable rug here.


I love Evereden! They’re these amazing skincare products for mamas + babies. Everything from firming lotion for the mama’s (which I personally love) to the sweetest scented lotion for the littles. You can’t go wrong with any of their amazing products.

Grab yours here. You’ll love them!

Target Favorites

While I may not have been inside a Target since March 14th, I have been utilizing their drive up & 2 day shipping. Can’t stop, won’t stop! Love me some Target y’all.

Hanes men’s tees. Seriously, if you haven’t picked up these tees you need to. Incredibly soft and oh so comfortable, these tees are an absolute steal at less than $10 each! I buy a medium (I wear a 6/small-medium) and it’s the perfect oversized fit. They’re cute with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, etc…

Get comfortable here.

Target has some of the cutest clothes, amiright?! I love all of their dresses and these are all so perfect for summer. They can transition to other seasons with sweaters, so you can get as much wear as possible out of your wardrobe.

Footloose and fancy free?! Grab your favorites here!


Walmart Favorites

The bulk of things I purchase from Walmart are groceries… I love their grocery pickup! It seriously makes life so easy, especially since everything has started. I haven’t purchased any clothes from there in a few months since I prefer to wander through and try it on first, but I did grab an adorable bag that I’m currently using.

This Daisy Rose tote may make you think of another more expensive luxury brand, but it’s not! This gorgeous $50 tote is amazing quality, not a scammy dupe from Amazon that can get you in trouble (for real, don’t buy dupes off Amazon. No bueno.) and is HUGE. It fits everything I need (diapers, wipes, makeup, keys, wallet, kid stuff, etc) plus more. If you’ve been eyeing other brands but can’t afford it or just can’t fathom paying thousands of dollars, grab this pretty little thing!

Snag this bag!


I hope you were able to find some new favorites for yourself or your loved ones here! These all make fabulous gifts too. 💕


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