My favorite season is fall, hands down!

The weather is changing, the leaves are stunning & all the best movies are playing on tv. What’s not to love?! We love all things Halloween in our house too. Of course it’s mainly because the kids are so obsessed with trick or treating, but they also love the crafts they always do at school leading up to it.

Halloween Crafts

witch paper for Halloween Crafts

I wanted to share a cute and easy craft that we’ve done at home and the kids have done at school for years. They love decorating their doors, so we always make door hangers! They are so simple, so it isn’t overwhelming for kids to do on their own whatsoever. It’s great for preschoolers with a bit of supervision and assistance as well.

cut paper for Halloween Crafts

I’ve included step by step photos as well as the template so you can make this fun craft at home with your kiddos too! Have fun with it! See what kind of faces they draw and what colors they pick out. How cute would this be with a glitter band on the hat?!

I’m so glad I’ve got Emms home with me for a few more years before he starts elementary school so we can make these together! I have always loved doing crafts with my kids. I grew up with a very Pinterest worthy mama and grandmother before it was a thing- because it was the 90s – so I’ve always enjoyed doing things like this with my littles. I’ll have a roundup of my favorite kids crafts up soon!

orange cut paper for Halloween Crafts

If you were a child of the 90s, who else remembers all of the lack of tech that permeates things now?! The kids always love asking questions about mine & Chris’s childhoods because we both grew up playing outside nonstop & reading. It blows their minds we didn’t have smart TVs or iPhones. HA They also think payphones are from the prehistoric times too, so there is that. 😂

Witch Door Hanger PDF

Witch Door Hanger Craft


Cardstock: green, black and orange
Google eyes
Glue stick


1. First print the template and cut out all the pieces.
2. Now trace the hat piece on black cardstock and cut it out.
3. Trace the circle face and witchy nose on green cardstock and cut it out.
4. Finally trace and cut the long rectangles from the green paper. This is the witch’s hair.
5. Let’s assemble! Take the orange strips and accordion fold them, straighten them back out a little and glue them to the top of the head. Make sure the strips don’t spread too far from the face, they’ll run into the door frame once it’s put on a doorknob.
6. Now, top the head with the black hat.
7. Take the witch’s nose and accordion fold the tip. Glue the nose to the face.
8. Stick on the google eyes.
9. Finally, draw on a smile.
10. The witch is ready to hang on a door knob!
witch paper Halloween Crafts hanging on the door
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