Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re all catching up on sleep from daylight savings, but the good news is spring is finally here. I love this season because it gives me another excuse to decorate my home, and with Easter coming up, there is so much to choose from. Bright pastels & woven details are in the air. Here are some of my favorite Easter home decor picks that are eggtastic!

Easter Home Decor

Easter Home Decor

Easter Porch Finds

You might not choose to go all out for your easter decor inside the some, but decorating your porch is a must. Adding the slightest festive touch will go a long way with this Easter Welcome Mat. Consider adding a wreath, too, such as this adorable Egg Wreath. Or, if you prefer to dial it down on the egg theme, this Flower Wreath has the perfect colors for spring. A fabulous detail you could add is this Woven Easter Bunny peaking out from the porch.

Easter Throws

Another easy way to decorate for the holidays is switching out your throws in your living and bedrooms. Target has the cutest pillows, such as this Floral Tufted Bunny. I’m also obsessed with this Patchwork Bunny Shaped & Printed Bunny Floral Pillow combo. These would look great on white couches or bedding. However, if you want something more neutral, these Ashler Linen Easter Pillows will do the trick.

Easter Home Decor & More

I will go all out when it comes to holidays that involve soft pastels and light accents. While I don’t buy new things yearly, I could not resist these Wood Nesting Easter Bunnies. So obsessed! Some more console table decor options are this Tassel Garland and Resin Gold Bunny Figurine. These pieces are fun to layer and place all around your home.

Easter might be a short holiday, but the decor and color scheme are season round adorable. Whether you prefer a pastel color scheme, fresh flowers, or bunny decor, there are plenty of ways to make your home feel like a bunny wonderland. So tell me in the comments your favorite part about Easter, and don’t forget to shop this decor here:

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