Valentine’s Day is going to look a little bit different this year. With COVID still on the rise in some areas and vaccines not fully distributed yet, we will likely be spending Valentine’s Day at home this year. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a little more time with your kids and create a Valentine’s Day celebration that is unique and special for them, give one of these fun Valentine’s Day ideas a try with your kids!

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day at Home with Kids

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home with Kids this year!

Make a Valentine’s Day-themed meal

Start off your morning with pancakes shaped like hearts, heart sandwiches at lunch, and a heart-shaped pizza for dinner! If you don’t want to make everything heart-shaped, instead, splurge for something that you don’t make often. The goal is to make the meal special for your little ones and not the kind of thing they’re used to every day.

Watch a “romantic movie”

I’m not suggesting that you break out the romantic comedies and have a movie night with your kids, but there are plenty of kid-friendly films that focus on classic love stories! Some good options are The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Enchanted, Shrek, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, or even Lady and the Tramp! Any money with a love story will work!


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Read Valentine’s Day themed stories

Check out some books from your local library, or get some great Valentine’s Day books for your kids to read! Here are some that I recommend!


Make each other Valentine’s Day cards

Round up all of your crafting supplies and get everyone together at the table. Instead of buying Valentines this year, challenge each person to make their own Valentine by hand for each person. Sure they won’t have Scooby-Doo or a fun Disney princess on them, but they’ll mean so much more to both your kids and to you! Plus, you can even display them to look at until it’s time to pack up your Valentine’s Day supplies.

Decorate heart-shaped cookies together

If you don’t already have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can try to mold the dough with your hands, but they won’t turn out nearly as good as they will if you make them with the cookie cutters! Use these to make up a big batch of cookies; I recommend sugar cookies. Then get a big container of icing and let your kids decorate them! You can add sprinkles and other fun toppings to your cookies, or enjoy them as plain sugar cookies!


You don’t need to spend a lot of money or even leave the house to make Valentine’s Day special for your kids! These ideas will help you put together a Valentine’s Day at home that your kids will never forget.

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