What is the Grandmillennial Home Decor


Wondering what the newer home decor trend called "grandmillennial" means? Here is everything you need to know about the grandmillennial style including how to recreate it in your home!

Tips for a Grandmillennial Home



Include characteristics of the contemporary era, such as neutral colors and clean lines, infused with dated designs like patterns, embroidery, and ruffles.


The style showcases what mainstream culture may consider “stuffy” or “outdated,” like Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, and embroidered linens.


One of the defining characteristics of grandmillennial style is the effective use of patterns, embroidery, and ruffles.


Heirloom furniture also plays a significant role in grandmillennial design. These antique pieces, passed down through generations, embody the history and craftsmanship of the older era.


Grandmillennial style is a refreshing take on modern design that incorporates the beauty and depth of traditional elements.


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